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Health Tourism Jamaica

Health Tourism in Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful Caribbean island Nation located in Northern Atlantic Ocean. Jamaica is known around the world for legendary music called “Reggae” Musician and singers like Bob Marley, sporting legends from various sports like Cricketer Brian Lara and Sprinter Usain Bolt , Calypso dance, pristine beaches with crystal clear water, Banana, coffee, landscapes offering mountains,rainforests and coral reef lines beaches.


Jamaica with the geographical span of 10,990 square kilometres (4,240 sq mi) in area is fourth largest country in Caribbean islands. Being an Island country, it does not share land border, but has maritime border with Cuba and  Hispaniola, island containing countries of Haiti and Dominican Republic and USA. Due to the location, Jamaica purvery the alluring landscapes. Having proximity to Equator, it has rainforests and waterfalls in abundance.Short distance through from USA, Cuba and on the colonial trade route, the global Banana trade was bring in Jamaica.. Also geography has been the main reason for Jamaica current cultural and demographic riches. Colonialism made the Jamaica fertile ground for agricultural production which was assisted by labourers from Africa and Asia, and these people later settled and made Jamaica their home. Fishery is also trade among the people, fisheries is very prosperous as nearby Northern Atlantic ocean supports vast amount of marine life.


Jamaica’s history can be traced back to advent of colonialism, when with the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the year 1494. The colonialism was a disaster for the majority of the world, same applied with Jamaica. Spanish people brought diseases with them which completely wiped out the native indigenous people called Arawak and Taíno. Spanish rule ended in 1655, replaced by British rule. Under the British rule, Jamaica got its present name. Labourers from China and India were brought in ships by the British to push  the plantations of Sugar. Jamaica was under colonial rule for 4 centuries after which  it gained independence in year 1962. Now it is under Commonwealth realm. Currently it is a thriving democracy.


The population of Jamaica is around 3 million people.The motto “ Out of Many One People” of the Jamaica exhibit the cultural, ethnic and religious mixture which evolved with the factors of geography and colonialism. Ethnically, majority of Jamaican have African roots, while rest are indian and European descendants. Christians are from mainly from Lebanon and European roots.Even after being so diverse in ethnicity, Jamaicain are proud of on being an Jamaican. Majority of population are Christians. One of the most interesting fact is that Atheists are second largest group ahead of people of other religions.  Rest people follow Hinduism, Islam, Sikhs and other tribal cultures.


The economy of Jamaica is based upon Tourism, Mmining, services and  agriculture. Economy is diversified but majority of foreign currency earner is tourism and Agriculture. Due to natural bounty, tourism is the major factor and almost Since 2017, Jamaicas tourism has risen exponentially, rising to 4.3 million average tourists per year. Jamaicas largest tourist markets are from North America, South America, and Europe. In 2017, Jamaica recorded a 91.3% increase in stopover visitors from Southern and Western Europe. It has also earned awards which  adds star to the tourism industry in Jamaica. The awards won are  : - 

  • Best Honeymoon Destination.
  • Best Culinary Destination.
  • Worlds Leading Beach Destination.
  • Worlds Leading Cruise Destination.

The tropical climate and fertile soil gave Jamaica abundant of agricultural production. agricultural exports are sugar, bananas, cocoa,coconut, molasses oranges, limes, grapefruit,rum, yams, allspice. Blue Mountain Coffee is a very well known Gastronome brand around the world. 


Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica.Located in the Southeastern part of the country, it is a port city and also  the largest city. The total area of Kingston city is 480 kms.The city came into existence in the year 1692 on the basis of a camp for earthquake survivors. But with time, colonial expansion and population growth along with economic development, it became the largest city and eventually became the capital city.  The population of Kingston is more than half a million with mixed demographic. The majority of people have African descendants while Indians and Chinese are second to them. Religion wise Christians are in majority, Different Christian sects are practised in Kingston. 


City being the largest and most populated, majority of economic transactions take place in the capital city.Also government offices, important headquarters and many of the multinational company offices are in Kingston which adds revenue to the city’s system. The major economic base of capital city is tourism, manufacturing and shipping. International Airport is in the city, also the shipping industry and offices of majority of cruise ships.


Tourism in Jamaica

A Caribbean Island country, Jamaica is blessed with natural  beauty encompassing landscapes of different variety from Mountains to waterfalls and beautiful coral reef lined beaches. Not just natural beauty, it is also home to Reggae music, which was introduced to the world by Bob Marley, who was born in Kingston city. This country has tourism activities for every traveller  from solo to couples who want to spend their time in seclusion with natural beauty. Front trekking in the jungles to diving in the water, house of beautiful corals, evolved with time. Beaches are clean and well maintained. 

Major Tourism attractions in

  • Kingston - Capital city of Jamaica is the entry point into the country. This city was the home of world renowned singer Bob Marley who introduced Reggae to the world. Visiting the Bob marley Museum is an existing part of this city not to be found anywhere in the world. The city is flanked by Mountains and Sea. Blue Mountain is place where the Blue Mountain Coffee is grown, world famous gourmet, with trails and waterfalls to make your journey worth the efforts. Jamaican art can be seen in the National Gallery of Jamaica addressed in the downtown. Being a port city, diving and snorkeling in the clean crystal clear water is must. Other places to visit in Kingston are National Heroes Park and Coronation Market.
  • Port Antonio - Situated in the northeastern part of Jamaica, this city is doorway to topography of Rainforests, waterfalls and mountains. To get to the rach falls one has to visit the John Crow Mountain a World Heritage Site for its natural beauty..Going towards east, Blue Lagoon renowned for blue waters fill by blue caribbean water and underground hot springs. The snorkeling and surfing can be enjoyed in city’s main Winniefred and Boston beach.City also  has a ruin Mansion called the Folly Mansion built by an American in  early 20th century. A lighthouse adds charm to the beach surrounded by the coconut trees.
  • Montego Bay : - This city is among the most visited in Jamaica. Located to the northern part of country, it has one of the best beach, hotels ,golf courses and cruise ships. The most popular beach is Doctor Cove Beach, water in this beach is clear and one the best to have a swim. Walter Fletcher beach, having a amusement park is attraction among tourists. Shops and hotels have filled the Bayfront Gloucester Avenue.
  • Ocho Rios : - This port city located in North Jamaica is famous for Dunn’s River falls, a scenic and one of the most visited natural attraction. Terraced waterfall of 180 meters, water is accumulated in lake at the end, creating a lagoon, which is surrounded by trees. Beach of Saint An is filled with resorts and hotels to comfort the travellers.This tone also have a cave Green Grotto Caves, earlier the hideout for pirates. To have a view of the town from upside, catch a cable car from from Mystic Mountain.
  • Falmouth : - This port city lies between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. This city has Gregorian architecture in the buildings. Blue water beach club is attraction for tourists. Martha Brae village, rafting on bamboo on green water is main attraction. 
  • Lucea :  - This coastal city known for secluded beaches. Located between Negril and Montego bay, this city has Charlotte Fort at the mouth of Tom Piper Bay. Mayfield falls is located in the forests.
  • Negril : - Located in Western Jamaica, recognised for the beaches. One the most beautiful beaches of Jamaica are in Negril. Seven Miles Beach, Long Bay are among the few which has restaurants, bars and clubs lined up for tourists. Ricks Cafe, situated on the cliff side a place to have your best time in Negril. Scenic view of sea and reggae music makes the whole experience awesome for tourists.

Other must visit place of Jamaica are : - 

  • Treasure Beach.
  • White House - A secluded beach famous among Honeymoons.
  • Spanish Town.
  • Mandeville.
  • Tower Isle.

Visas: - 

Visa Free Entry : - Citizens of Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, the Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Botswana, Brunei, Canada, Cyprus, Dominica, Fiji, the Gambia, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada, Guyana, India, Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Malawi, Malaysia, the Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nauru, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Helena, the Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, the Solomon Islands, South Africa, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos, Tuvalu, Uganda, the United Kingdom, the United States, Vanuatu and Zambia may enter Jamaica visa-free for up to 6 months. United States citizens may enter Jamaica using a Passport Card in lieu of a passport if arriving by cruise ship.


Visa-free for up to 90 days : - 

Citizens of Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, San Marino, South Korea, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.



Visa on Arrival : - 

Citizens of Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Cayman Islands, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan may obtain a visa on arrival for US$100.


Visa Waiver : - 

Citizens of any country who hold a residence permit issued by Canada or a U.S. Green Card may enter Jamaica visa-free for up to 6 months.


Airline Service

Air Jamaica was the national airline of Jamaica

Major international Airports

  • Norman Manley International Airport - 
      • Address: Jamaica
      • Code: KIN
      • Phone: +1 876-924-8452.
  • Sangster International Airport : - 
      • Address: Montego Bay, Jamaica
      • Code: MBJ
      • Phone: +1 876-952-3124

Public Holidays

  • New Years Day
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Labour Day
  • Emancipation Day
  • Independence Day
  • National Heroes Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day

Medical tourism

Jamaica medical care is not as advanced as of the neighbours. USA, Canada and Cuba has very advanced healthcare infrastructure and top quality medical treatments are maintained. But in Jamaica, the economy is mostly based upon tourists, which makes it difficult for the government to invest on healthcare. Many of Jamaica visit for Orthopedic treatments in India as India offers affordable medical treatments and in comparison to  its neighbours the cost of orthopedic treatment in India is among the lowest in the world with top quality healthcare. In recent years, the flow of Jamaica to India for medical treatments has increased and rising. Also Cosmetic treatments in India are very affordable,for which  people from Jamaica visit India. The cultural contact, ethnic contact with india makes it easier for Jamaican people to visit india for their medical treatment.

Indian Embassy

High Commission of India, Kingston, Jamaica

 Address: 5 Earls Court, Acadia, Kingston 8, Jamaica

 Telephone: 00-1-876- 9273114, 9

 Email :


  Language of Jamaica

English is widely spoken, so much that it is the third largest Anglophone country in the Americans. Otherwise it is a bilingual country. Majorly English is spoken widely, used in government offices and public places, but locally primary spoken language is an English-based creole called Jamaican Patois. Although a traveller will not face any kind of challenge for language as majority of the population is bilingual.


● The currency of Jamaica is the Jamaican dollar JMD. ● The US dollar is widely accepted in places most tourists visit. Indeed, all hotels, most restaurants, most shops, and almost all attractions in major cities will accept the US dollar. ● US d

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