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Health Tourism Israel

medical tourism in Israel

Israel is land of innovation, high-tech inventions, holy centre of 3 major religions, growing tourism potential, agriculture thrived on the basis of technology. Taking animal husbandry to a new level involving new age machines. A very well developed economy. Israel is a example for whole world which became a developed. The population is cosmopolitan and highly educated and massively skilled. The land may be not blessed with resources, but the people are resourceful and elevating the Israel to higher grounds in every field. Though the landmass of Israel is not huge, its economy is 32nd largest in the world.


Israel history is evident from the findings of hominids of Africa, earliest humans which migrate to different parts of the world. It has witnessed rise and fall of many empires, from Kingdom of Israel and Judah till the Ottoman Empire. Historically, Israel has witnessed the socio-religious transformation from Jews to Muslims and now co-existing both of the religions. During the colonialism, the whole region was taken over by British from the Ottoman Empire. Later with the downfall of colonial empires around the world, British Empire devised a partition plan for Israel and Palestine out which Israel was craved for Jews. 


Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the most populous city. It is a world tourist destination and home to 3 major religion of the world. Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The population of Jerusalem is 901,302 residents in an area of 125 square kilometers. Whereas Tel Aviv is the economic and political centre of the country. It is also the 2nd most populous city and second largest metropolitan area.Tel Aviv is also called the “ Start-up Capital of the World”.Haifa is also one of the populous city in Israel.  Tel Aviv and Haifa rank as Israels next most populous cities, with populations of 443,939 and 281,087. The rate of urbanisation is evident from the fact that its 16 cities have population over 1,00,000. This number can be very less for any country which has huge geographical expanse, but for Israel its sufficient in terms of humans per capita.


Israel is an shining example for the world which achieved the high economic growth based upon technology, manufacturing and “Tecagriculture” - Agriculture based upon Technology. It is considered the most advanced economy and industrial development in the Middle East. The bedrock of this high financial earnings in the world, economic growth and achieving the leading industrial benchmark is its finest education system which produces tremendously educated population which is focussed upon developing science, technology and agriculture. Even with most minimal natural resources like fertile land and scarcity of water, it has built itself self sufficient on food production and meat products. With the start-up waves around the world, Israel strided ahead, and became home to 2nd most start-ups in the World, after USA. 

Other important Economic achievements of Israel are : - 

  • Israel industrial prowess can be figured from the fact that it ranks 16th on World Global Economic Forum on Competitive Index.
  • Business and trade are the supported by the government due to which the it stand on a respectable position of 49th out of 190 countries across the globe - Ease of Doing Business Index which is published by World Bank. 
  • With rising tech industries and manufacturing, the exports are quite high. It major exports are defense hardwares, Arms, Softwares, Polished diamonds, high grade agricultural machines. Exports of high end commercial goods earned huge money for Israel. It holds lowest external debt in the developed world.
  • Israel ranks 10th in the Bloomberg Innovation Index. 
  • One of the most interesting mark of Israel is Vision towards proceeding ahead in Science and technology and it is visible from the fact that it is the only country in the world which has Expenditure for Research and Development as a percentage of GDP.
  • Israel has focus upon the development of its human resource which outperforms every resource in the world. The education and skill among general population is so deep that in 10,000 people, it has 140 Scientists, Engineers and technicians.

The population of Israel is an estimated 9,021,560 in 2019.Majority of population is not just highly educated, but also have highest percentage of population holding tertiary education degree. Due to political and socio- demographic conditions, each person has to serve in armed forces compulsory for two years. Females in Israel are equally qualified and has achieved success in various fields. Israel is called “Homeland of Jews” still it has successfully accommodated different religions and cultures in its land. Majority of population are Jews, second majority is practises Islam,rest are Christian and few other religions. Jerusalem being holy place for three major religion is the reason Jews, Islam and Christianity is population live and co-exists peacefully. Israel has given call to Jews and population of lost tribes settled in different part of the world to emigrate in its land. Many Jews from Europe, Asia and Africa has migrated to Israel. These emigrated Jews must have settled in Israel, but they still speak their languages, practise native cultures, which have added richness in the demographics of Israel.



Jerusalem is the Capital City of Israel.This city holds much very important place in world due to its historic and religious affiliations. It was inhabited in 4th century BC.Jerusalem is the holiest city of three major abrahamic religion Judaism, Christian and Islam, due to which it has suffered war since centuries. Jerusalem has been destroyed at least twice, besieged 23 times, captured and recaptured 44 times, and attacked 52 times.Jerusalem has been sacred to Judaism for roughly 3000 years, to Christianity for around 2000 years, and to Islam for approximately 1400 years. It is also the most populous city of Israel. The span of Jerusalem is around 60 kms and connects to Mediterranean sea and Tel Aviv.  Jerusalem is also one of the most visited tourist  place in Israel. Majority of tourists come to visit the religious places. The religious tourism/pilgrimage of Jerusalem are: - 

  • The Temple Mount.
  • Al-Aqsa Mosque.
  • Western Wall.
  • Church of Holy Sepulchre.

The Western Wall and Old city are among the most visited place of Jerusalem in by foreign tourists. The religious pilgrimage holds vert especially place for tourists and are emotionally connected to these religious places.


Major Tourism attractions in

Israel is now becoming a rising tourist destination in the World. Primarily, it has seen religious pilgrimage since centuries due to importance with major Abrahamic religions. Israel has many things to offer in terms of tourism. Being a top attraction for historic and religious pilgrimage in Middle East, it has now built capacity to garner more tourists through desert, night life,beaches,old cities and markets, Wineries and Lakes.


Israel has many beautiful historic and Religious Places which draws international tourists from across the world.


  1. Jerusalem - This city is holy site for three major abrahamic religions. Beautiful Churches, Mosques and Synagogues are main attractions of this city. Majority of pilgrims also visit the old city, which is reminiscent of ancient times and still not changes much despite the world around it has changes. Walking through the old city, a tourists can feel how the markets must have been centuries before, feel the nostalgia of being walking around in ancient times. Western Wall, Temple Mount and Al Aqsa Mosque are one of the most visited place in Jerusalem.
  2. Nazareth - This city is close to people of Christianity. It holds very special place for Christians.The main attraction of Nazareth are St Joseph Church which is built around his carpentry shop, Underground Synagogues Church is a must place to visit, as one can experience how Jesus must have lived and studied. Mary Well is revered by pilgrims. Domed Basilica of Annunciation have a beautiful mural which depicts the mythology of Gabriel appeared to Mary and bear a child.
  3. Caesarea - This coastal town of Israel touching Mediterranean Coast. This city is filled with rich Roman architecture built centuries earlier,still standing tall. Built with rocks, mosaic, limestone and decorated with frescoes. The most distinctive and exclusive location which attracts tourist from all over the world is Caesarea National Park. This national park has the amphitheatre built by Romans which is large, many people can be accomodated. A tourist site not to be missed. Promontory palace facing the Mediterranean Sea, must be beautiful in those times, now in ruins. This city is an ancient port town used trade across the from Europe to Arab peninsula.

Lakes : -  Lake is one of the most prominent tourists attractions after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Lakes in Israel are of natural formation and unique to the ecosystem. The important thing about the lakes of Israel is that such lakes are not found anywhere around the world.

  • Dead Sea - It is a land locked lake which is bordered between Jordan and Israel. It is not a open sea, Jordan river being its largest tributary. The uniqueness of  Dead Sea is the it lies on the lowest point of the Earth. Also it is the saltiest water on the earth, 9 times saltier than ocean, not able to give support system to any life form. The name is outcome of the fact that no plant or animal can survive the ecosystem of this lake. Dead Sea is tourist attraction because nobody can be drowned in this sea as swimming is only floating. The Dead Sea has attracted visitors from around the Mediterranean Basin for thousands of years. It was one of the worlds first health resorts.
  • Sea of Galilee -  also called as Kinnereth. It is a freshwater lake, unlike the dead sea.The unique feature about this lake is that it is the lowest freshwater lake in the Earth and second lowest after dead sea. It is approximately 53 km (33 mi) in circumference, about 21 km (13 mi) long, and 13 km (8.1 mi) wide. Its area is 166.7 km2 (64.4 sq mi) at its fullest, and its maximum depth is approximately 43 m.  A revered lake for Christians. It is be that Jesus performed miracles on this lake.

Cities : - Israel has very vibrant  cosmopolitan culture engulfed with nightlife,beach walk,high end restaurants, old markets, diverse nationalities and beautiful architecture.


Tel Aviv - The economic capital of Israel. Kissed by the Mediterranean Sea, this city is displays the mix architecture on old and new. The one of the most prominent architecture visible in Tel-Aviv are Bauhaus White buildings, located in White city architectural Areas, these White building were built in 1930’s.Being a start-up capital of Israel,the huge young workforce makes the nightlife vibrant, with lines of clubs and lounges. The life offer many options for the people and tourist from Lilibium Street Lounges till Dizengoff Street open air cafes. The beach is more beautiful with waterfront promenade filled with shops and restaurants which can engross any tourists easily. Many locals come at Waterfront promenade for evening walk or morning walk. Old city of Jaffa is famous for the ruins left by the ancient war of Crusades,flea markets attractions shoppers, maze of galleries and minarets.


Haifa - The port city inhabited beside the Mediterranean Sea, situated in the northern part of Israel.Bahai Garden, well known for the speckless terraces gardens, on which footsteps are German Colony, filled with shops, restaurants and galleries in the 19th century buildings , along with Golden domed Shrine of Bab.  If someone wants to enjoy the whole city view through the sight of panorama, climb to hilltop  Carmel district, Louis Promenade offers the most scenic view of Haifa. The aerial view of Haifa city can be enjoyed through the cable car which connects the Mount Carmel to the Bat Galim Beach promenade, directly taking you to beach waterfront, On the Hill top of Mount Carmel, a 19th century Church inside the Stella Maris Monastery, known for its interior should not be missed.Dado beach is also a place to capture memories.


Acre - Acre is a bowl of different cultures evolved through the time, visible marks of both Ottoman and Crusaders are evident.A must visit in Israel, this port city has much to offer, from ruins to markets, to lovely evening walks and cuisines offered by the restaurants.


Eilat -  A port city located in Southern part of Israel, close to Jordan is an attraction for beach. The beach has very calm water which is suitable for snorkeling and if more adventure is the purpose, diving is also available. Eilat is popular for being a resort town.The whole north side of the beach is resort filled, where you can relax, enjoy the calm sea view, watersports or boating. Other interesting visits of Eilat are : - 

  • Coral beach Natural Reserve.
  • Coral World Underwater Observatory.
  • International Bird and Research Centre.
  • Botanical garden.
  • Timna Valley park for trail and hiking.
  • Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve to see rare animals like Arabian Oxyn and African Wild Ass.


Airline Service

El Al Israel Airlines Ltd., trading as El Al, is the flag carrier of Israel. Serve over 50 destination.El Al is the only commercial airline to equip its planes with missile defense systems to protect its planes against surface to air missiles, and is considered one of the worlds most secure airlines.

Major international Airports

  • Ben Gurion Airport - Main international airport of Israel and the busiest airport in the country.
    • Address: 7015001, Israel
    • Code: TLV 
  • Haifa Airport - Also known as U Michaeli Airport is a small international airport located in Haifa.
    • Address: Yulius Simon St, Haifa, Israel
    • Code: HFA
    • Phone: +972 3-975-8337 
  • Ramon Airport - Also known as Ilan and Assaf Ramon Airport.Newly opened airport in January 2019.

Public Holidays

  • Passover 
  • Seventh day of Passover
  • Independence Day
  • Feast of Shavuot
  • Rosh Hashanah
  • Yom Kippur
  • First Day of Sukkot
  • Simchat Torah

Medical tourism

Healthcare services in Israel are very developed in comparison to its Arab neighbors. The medical tourism is a new and growing sector which now has started attracting many international patients. Though  even having one of the best healthcare systems, Israel only scores 60 points in overall medical tourism destinations due to high cost of treatments, long medical visa procedures and waiting time for treatments are far more than a country like India which has one of the best ratings in medical tourism.

Indian Embassy

Embassy of India, Tel Aviv, Israel

 Address: 140 Hayarkon Street, PO Box No.3368, Tel Aviv-61033, Israel

 Telephone : 00-972-3-5291999 / 1

 Website :

  Language of Israel

Hebrew is the official language of Israel. Arabic is spoken by Arab minority. Hebrew is official used in government offices and by general people. English is also spoken on by majority as majority of population is highly educated.


New Shekel is the currency of Israel.

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