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Health Tourism Abu Dhabi

Health Tourism Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the Crown Jewel of the UAE. A part of land, which is smaller than most of the countries in the World, located in Arab Peninsula, surrounded by desert but rich with oil. Camels, Shaikhs and Sand dunes are the initial images that strikes our mind when ever the word Abu Dhabi comes in front of us. But the city has moved ahead from its traditional identity, footing ahead in future with technology, glitzy skyscrapers, ultra tech gadgets, fast cars and modern lifestyle ingrained with traditional practises followed by native Emirates.Abu Dhabi stands as the capital and 2nd most populous city of the UAE. Geographically it is the largest of the all the 7 Emirates among the UAE. The population of Abu Dhabi is approximately 1.6 million. 


In recent decades, Abu Dhabi has diversified from past economic sources which is Oil towards creating a economy which will be based upon global standard of service, investing in technology which will be the future, infrastructure projects within and around the world. Along with that, tourism is now the new theme which is focussed extensively. Richness is earned through the Oil and Gas reserves, If calculated by the GDP and per capita income, Abu Dhabi has the highest in whole of UAE. The diversification of Economy is evident from the plan called “Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030”, not being dependent on single resource, but creating sustainable path of earnings and revenue generation.The major economic contribution in UAE economy is done by Abu Dhabi.


Culturally, Abu Dhabi was opened to the world since centurie. Archaeological evidences proved that many traders from Europe and Asia came to port city for trade purposes. Pearl industry was quite famous earlier.Also ethnic diversity is wide.Indian, Pakistani,Bangladeshi, Sri- Lankan, and expatriates from Western countries also reside in Abu Dhabi for work purposes. By religion, Islam is only practised. 


Major Tourism attractions in

Abu Dhabi under its vision to diverse it economy, has expanded tourism to a totally different elevation. Increase in international tourists has gained significantly in past decades. The places of visits in Abu Dhabi can be categorised in different areas : -  

  1. Regions.
  2. Islands.
  3. Sea.
  4. Desert.
  5. Culture and Heritage. 

Regions : - The main regions in Abu Dhabi to travel are : - 


  • Abu Dhabi City : - Abu Dhabi means “ Land of the Gazelle”. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the whole Emirate.It’s the main tourist attraction with grand infrastructure like Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Not less than a architectural marvel, it is among the biggest mosques in the world. Thousands of worshippers can accommodate at a time, columns around 1000 and 80 domes display its grandeur.Richness is evident from the Chandeliers which are plated in gold and the most striking feature of this moque is world largest hand woven carpet. Corniche beach is a place not to be missed. Clean, filled with luxury and for every age group. Pedestrian path, cycle path, hotels and restaurants etc are available. Water sports exciting part of tourism. Parasailing, Kayaking, surfing are main attractions.For any motorsports lover, Yas Marina Circuit and Ferrari Roller coaster, worlds fastest roller coaster are heaven. 


  • Al Ain - UNESCO World Heritage Site.If a traveller want to witness something back to history, this place offers most of it. AL Ain is the world’s oldest inhabited settlement.Al Hajjili Fort, one of the most historic building in UAE is traveller paradise. Oasis with palm trees offer spectacular view which can take any traveller to another world. Also most interesting part of Al Ain is 3000 years old Falaj irrigation System. Camel markets and Al Ain zoo is also in the lists to visits.


  • AL Dhafra - A traveller seeking high adrenaline adventure should make a trip towards Al Dhafra, for satisfying their need for going beyond the normal tours and experiencing the extraordinary. Al Dhafra offers one the high octane off road driving experiences which is considered to be the most adventurous. Also with such adventure, it the place offers most scenic beauty of desert. Al Dhafra is the covers two thirds of Abu Dhabi Emirates. History is deep with myriad of forts scattered across the desert in this beautiful landscape. Liwa - a town which sits in between this massive desert, will astound you with its vast desert, huge sand dunes and large date palm plantation.This oasis earns the designation of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System(GIAHS) ) and FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation) praised the efforts.Al Dhafra provides for dune dawn walks, camel trekking,dune bashing,falconry shows and toothsome food prepared on barbeque in the mists of the desert. 


Islands - Abu Dhabi has overabundance of Islands, some of which are open to international tourists. These islands have variety of options for tours in Abu Dhabi. From clean beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, luxury, entertainment and golf courses of championship standards.


  • Yas Island - If any traveller loves the super high speed, this is the heaven. It is home to Yas Marina Circuit, the F1 racing track. With its sea,it holds F1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix attracting Super fast yachts from far away continents.A gateway to fast amusement park which “Ferrari World Abu Dhabi”, world’s first Ferrari branded theme park sharing the experiencing of world fastest roller coaster ride, shopping and interactive sessions and fine italian cuisines.Yas waterworld is futuristic waterpark for all the age groups. Yas Links Abu Dhabi is designed by world famous golf course architect and has won many awards. 


  • Sir Bani Yas Island - Earning the badge of “World leading Sustainable Tourism Destination”, this island has many activities to offer. From wildlife to 5 star hotel, luxury villas, purposely built hotels and with plethora of historical sites. 


  • Saadiyat Island - A home to world biggest premier cultural assets.Zayed National Museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi are among them. This island has witnessed the transformation from a normal island to world class leisure, residential, business and cultural hub of global standards. 


  • AL Maryah Island - This island is being developed with a view for future. A new Central Business District focussed towards business, entertainment and leisure.


  • Reem Island - Place of Emirati architectural Landmark,- the linked, Stonehenge - styled Gate tower. 


  • Nurai Island - “Nur” in arabic means “light”. A traveller looking for peace, tranquility and special time with someone special, head to this place.This island offers best beach, luxury hotel, villas and cuisines from around the world.


  • Delma Island - Abu Dhabi oldest evidence of culture and history. This place is one of the oldest inhabited settlements in UAE.Filled with archeological artifacts and historical evidence, it is cultural link with the past.It was also a pearl diving centre.


Desert - Deserts are the identity which Abu Dhabi has turned into an huge advantage. These deserts may appear sand spread to miles and huge dunes, but these same desert is now a bustling tourist destinations attracting scores of international tourists in Abu Dhabi. Offering range of activities which will remain with person for ever.


  • The Empty Quarter - Vast expanse of desert, picturesque, serene and beautiful. A house of Oasis town called Liwa, offering the best luxury.

  • Arabian Nights Village - Any traveller grown up with reading or watching Arabian Nights fairytale, come to this village to fulfil your desire.Offerings are wide and luxurious. For family, couples and solo tourist. Different types of tents,activities and cuisines.

  • Desert Safari and Camping.

  • Al Badyah Eye Tourism.

  • Desert Rose Tourism

  • Dune Bashing.

  • Off road Driving.

  • Sand Boarding and skiing.

Airline Service

Etihad Airways is the carrier in Abu Dhabi. It is renowned for its luxury, service and global destinations. Major International Airports : - Abu Dhabi International Airport. Address: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates Code: AUH.

Public Holidays

  • Eid al-Fitr Holiday
  • Eid al-Fitr
  • Eid al-Fitr Holiday
  • Eid al-Fitr Holiday
  • Arafat Day
  • Eid al-Adha
  • Eid al-Adha Holiday
  • Eid al-Adha Holiday
  • Islamic New Year
  • Commemoration Day
  • National Day
  • National Day Holiday

Medical tourism

Medical Treatment in ABu Dhabi is of high standard due to the high level of income and no taxes by the government. Emiratis prefer taking treatment in Abu Dhabi, but now a tread hs spiked where many Emirati travel to India for their treatments. Mainly for Orthopedic and Obesity related surgery. As medical treatment in India is very affordable and at par with global standards.


  Climate of Abu Dhabi

The climate of Abu Dhabi is extremely hot due to the presence of desert and geographic situations. June - September Very Hot. November - March - Hot to mild. January - Coldest Month in a year.

  Language of Abu Dhabi

Arabic is the official Language. But with the presence of population from Indian subcontinent, Hindi, Urdu are also spoken. Malayali population is quite evident in Abu Dhabi, which makes Malyalam also a widely spoken language, languages other than Arabic and English, are only spoken among the people of India or neighbouring countries. English is also spoken. Majority of people from service class, government, business and shops speak English.


The local currency is the UAE dirham (AED or Dhs) which is divided into 100 fils and is pegged against the US $ (US$ 1: AED 3.6725). Credit and debit cards are widely accepted. Foreign currencies and travellers cheques can be exchanged in licenced exch

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