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Orthopaedic Surgery – Resume Your Daily Activities

Orthopaedic Surgery

What Is Orthopaedic Surgery?

Orthopaedic surgery is a basically a surgical procedure that is concerned with the problems evolving in the musculoskeletal system of a human body, which can be treated using both surgical & nonsurgical methods by consulting an Orthopaedic surgeon. The Orthopaedic surgery is suggested when people suffer from problems which are developed in joints, bones & ligaments of the human body.


According to the research, India is the most preferred destination with major benefit for all the people seeking for affordable & quality treatments on all types of Orthopaedic problems. Besides, India is excelling in providing best Orthopaedic treatments from internationally acclaimed medical practitioners & skilled assistants.

Types Of Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Hip Replacement: When all the treatments fail to remove the pain in hip joint, hip joint replacement surgery is opted so that the patients can feel the relief from the unbearable pain. It is a surgical procedure during which a hip replacement surgeon removes a painful hip joint affected by Arthritis. The extremely diseased part is replaced with an artificial joint that is made of metal & plastic components.
  • Knee Replacement : A Knee Replacement Surgery helps in restoring the mobility in a diseased or damaged knee which makes it strong enough to perform weight bearing activities & reduce the pain at an extent. It is a surgical procedure to improve the surface of a damaged knee which is usually caused by Arthritis or any severe injury. A Knee Replacement Surgery is also called as Arthroplasty, a knee joint is formed by using metal & plastic parts along with a kneecap.
  • Joint Replacement: Orthopaedic surgery which helps in regaining the movement of dislocated or diseased joints is termed as Joint Replacement surgery. Most common joint surgeries are Knee & Hip replacement surgeries which are quite frequently performed as compared to others. Another some replacement surgeries are Shoulder Replacement, Ankle joint Replacement, Wrist replacement, Elbow replacement, etc.
  • Spinal Surgery: Spine Surgery is a surgical procedure which is performed to stop movement between the two bones and prevent back pain. It keeps the patient from stretching nearby nerves, ligaments, and muscles that may have caused discomfort.
  • Arthroscopy: This type of Surgery is performed to diagnose, visualize and treat problems inside a joint. During Arthroscopy, an orthopaedic surgeon makes a small incision in the patients skin, inserts pencil-sized instruments that contains a small lens and lighting system to magnify & illuminate the structures inside the joint. It is a highly valuable tool for all orthopaedic patients and it is generally easier on the patient than "open" surgery.

Recovery Time After An Orthopaedic Surgery

Type of Orthopaedic Surgery Recovery Time
Hip Replacement 2-3 weeks
Knee Replacement 2-3 weeks
Joint Replacement 4-5 weeks
Spinal Surgery 4-5 weeks
Arthroscopy 1-2 weeks

Cost Of Orthopaedic Surgery In India

Orthopaedic Surgery in India is the most cost effective treatment for all the people suffering from various Orthopaedic problems & who are in a great need of extensive care & precise treatment. India provides all types of Orthopaedic surgeries & treatment from experienced medical professionals within an affordable package, as compared to western countries.

Type of Orthopaedic Surgery    Cost

Type of Orthopaedic Surgery Cost
Hip Replacement INR 2,85,000 – 7,80,000
Knee Replacement INR 3,15,000 – 5,90,000
Joint Replacement INR 4,20,000 – 9,54,000
Spinal Surgery INR 3,80,000 – 7,22,000
Arthroscopy INR 4,40,000 – 5,30,000

Success Rate of Orthopaedic Surgery in India

The success rate of an Orthopaedic Surgery varies from 80-90% depending upon the following factors:

  • Patient’s age
  • Type of the Surgery
  • Experience of the orthopaedic surgeon & the entire team
  • Types of medication provided
  • Health of the patient
  • Quality care post-surgery

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Orthopaedic Surgery

Advantages of Orthopaedic Surgery:

Return to normal activities: Once the surgery is completed, people can return back to their daily activities. As the intense pain in the joints is reduced, people can comfortably stand, sit & walk comfortably within a few weeks of surgery.

Modern Orthopaedics is effective: Gone are the days when people had to undergo painful & lengthy procedure that used to be too difficult for people with disabling conditions. Nowadays, a small incision & an hour of operation can give dramatic relief to the patients.

Effective Joint Replacements: As the artificial hip designs are modified well enough, it gives a better range of body movements. Introduction of polythene & ceramics has lessened the cases of wear & tear with long term durability.

Positive impact on living: The unbearable pain comes to the end after the surgery which simultaneously improves the quality of living by upgrading the psychological & physical effects on each and every individual who lives with it

Disadvantages of Orthopaedic Surgery:

There are no such major disadvantages of an Orthopaedic surgery. The functioning of the operated part will be better & its effect will last longer. Just in case if the patient continues avoiding activities to the operated part & leads an unhealthy lifestyle, then the quality of life won’t be impacted much post-surgery as well.

Medical Tourism in India for Orthopaedic Surgery

Hospitals in India are using similar technologies & machines used in other developed countries, in spite of that it’s treatment cost is quite affordable. The medical professionals in India are highly qualified & carry lots of experience in treating all types of patients from many corners of the world. Highest quality treatment standards, well experienced surgeons & reasonable costing has helped India gain better results by achieving higher success rates in Orthopaedic surgeries. They have great infrastructure, well-equipped machines precisely constructed rooms & advance technologies. Professional surgeons & Highly experienced staff has operated numerous patients around the globe & achieved desired results.

Orthopaedic Surgery with MEDCUREINDIA Medical Tourism

MedcureIndia is the most chosen Medical Value Provider in India. We offer special guidance to the patients in order to experience best medical treatment in India that is affordable & valuable around the world. Well trained & extremely knowledgeable surgeons associated with our firm have lofty experience in treating various cases in Orthopaedic surgery from different corners of the world. Our success rate is quite higher & we have received valuable feedback from our patients for reliable procedure and a friendly ambiance. Many hospitals associated with us consist of high-tech Orthopaedic care units that are powered by world-class technological support & clinical expertise.

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