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Retinopathy Treatment: Clearing The Vision!

Retinopathy Treatment in india

What Is Retinopathy Treatment?

Any damage caused to the retina of the eye is known as retinopathy; the corrective methods to eliminate the condition are collectively known as retinopathy treatment. Retina is a layer in the eye, lying behind the lens which is richly supplied by blood vessels form the central retinal artery. These blood vessels have a tendency to rupture and spill the blood in the entire surface area of the retina if the pressure in the arteries rises. This leaves behind dark spots over the surface of the retina which will interfere with the normal vision. The two main causes of raised intra arterial pressures are excessively raised blood sugar levels and hypertension. Direct trauma to the retina which occurs in cases of accidents can also lead to retinopathy.

Causes of Retinopathy:

  • Trauma to the head or the eye in case of accidents, fist fights; this causes retinal blood vessels to rupture and accumulate in the retinal wall leaving behind dark spots
  • Intense pressure in the blood vessels due to high blood pressure levels
  • Diabetic retinopathy occurs due to excessive levels of sugar in the retinal blood vessels leading to their rupturing and retinal damage
  • Retinopathy has lesser chances of occurring due to any genetic inheritance pattern since it is an X linked disease

Signs and Symptoms of Retinopathy:

  • The signs and symptoms of retinopathy are manifested quite late in life; only when the condition becomes very severe
  • Interference with normal vision
  • Reduced visual acuity, blurred vision
  • Falling of curtains like feeling while continuous watching
  • Hemorrhage within the retinal wall

Diagnosis of Retinopathy:

  • Early screening: This should be done annually for patients that have been diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. Screening includes examination of the visual acuity, checking for any dark spots visible in the eye and checking for the falling off curtains feeling in such elderly population
  • Ophthalmoscope examination: An opthalmoscope is used to give light into the eye and check for the pupil size and its response to light. This gives insight into the vision of the individual.
  • Fundoscopy: Atropine is used to dilate the pupil and check for the vision with the help of a fundoscope
  • Fluroscein angiography: A dye will be injected into your body which will eventually settle at the back of your eye in the retinal wall. This will be followed by successive images of the retina. The dye will color the blood vessels and thus enable to see at which point the blood vessel has ruptured or has caused spillage of the blood.
  • Optical coherence tomography:  This is the gold standard in the diagnosis of retinopathies. This will help to determine the thickness of the retina and also helps in the examination of the fluid that has been leaked.

Treatment Procedure for Retinopathy Treatment:

  • Photocoagulation/Focal laser treatment: Laser burns are used to check for the black or dark spots in the retina which occur due to blood or fluid leakage. This procedure is minimally invasive and is performed under local anesthesia.
  • Pan-retinal photocoagulation/Scatter laser treatment: This procedure is also performed in local anesthesia. Scattered laser burns are used for the correction of the retinopathy. The laser burns cause shrinkage of the blood vessels leading to their disintegration and eventual elimination. Both the types of photocoagulation are done in two to three sittings and require about 20 to 30 minutes in the eye clinic.
  • Vitrectomy: This procedure makes a small incision in the eye and helps in the debridement of blood and other fluids from the vitreous of the eye. 
  • jecting medicine into the eye: Vascular endothelial growth factors known as VEGF are injected directly into the eye which will help promote the growth the new blood vessels and discard the broken and the old bruised ones. This helps in restoring the new blood flow in the retinal layer and enhancing the vision.

Complications and Risk Factors Associated With Retinopathy Treatment:

  • The ultimate complication of retinopathy is total vision loss
  • Retinal detachment and hemorrhage
  • Blurred vision for a few days after the photocoagulation procedure has been done is quite a common thing
  • Neovascular glaucoma may result due to excessive deposition of blood clots and sugar 
  • Damage to the vitreous humor

Am I Good Candidate For Retinopathy Treatment?

If you have any of the following signs and symptoms, you are an ideal candidate for retinopathy treatment:

  • You are a known case of high blood pressure and uncontrolled diabetes
  • You feel curtains are falling off in front of your eyes
  • You feel dark blind spots moving in front of your eye
  • Reading and moving out in sunlight is a terrible discomfort

Recovery Time:

A minimum of two weeks are required for the complete recovery from the laser therapies that are done on your eye for the correction of your retinopathy. You are not supposed to go out in the sun, cook, read or perform any strenuous activity with your eyes for about a month. At the same time, you are supposed to keep a constant check on your blood glucose levels and blood pressure

Success Rate:

The five year survival rate in cases of treated retinopathy is 65 to 79 percent after which the visual acuity tends to decrease. Once a laser treatment is done, a VEGF injection can be given after 5 to 6 years so as to prevent relapse of the condition.

Benefits of Retinopathy Treatment:

A retinopathy treatment will help you in the following ways:

  • Help restoring your normal vision
  • Prevent the need for complicated surgeries to resolve your vision issues
  • Maintain the viability and integrity of your eye tissues
  • Prevent damage to the retinal
  • Prevent retinal detachment and permanent blindness

Cost Comparisons for Retinopathy Treatment:

Retinopathy treatment in India will cost you around 20,000 to 22,000 INR. This is 60 percent of what you will be required to pay in places abroad. If at all you wish to get the treatment there

Why choose India?

We at MedcureIndia India take utmost care of our clients; considering how valuable their lives are for us too. We aim at directing our customers to the excellent institutes offering top class retinopathy correction services at affordable rates, assuring the best treatment outcomes.

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