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Face Lift, Botox and Fillers: Face Enhancement Approach

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What Is Face Lift, Botox And Fillers Treatment?

The cosmetic surgical approach which aims at giving the face a youthful appearance with the use of elements such as fillers, botox and facelift methods falls under the category of face lift, botox and filler treatment. Botox and fillers are chemicals that enhance the tone of the muscle and the skin whereas a face lift method reduces the excess skin in the face for enhancing the overall appearance. These approaches also aim at reducing the facial wrinkles and the other signs of ageing in the human face. Use of botox and fillers invariably become a part of the face lift procedures. This is collectively termed as rhytidectomy.

Need For A Face Lift, Botox And Filler Treatment:

  • The prime need for undergoing a facelift lies in the fact that excess fat may be present in the face, especially in the angle of the lower jaw, chin and the submental areas which give a very chubby look to the face.
  • The botox chemical can be administered in the injection form to increase the volume or enhance the shape and structure of the lips, nose and eyes.
  • Similarly, fillers also are used for enhancing and increasing the volume. shape and structure of the lips, nose and the deficient or defective parts of the face.

Diagnosis Prior To A Face Lift, Botox and Filler Treatment:

  • Physical examination: The surgeon does a thorough examination of the patient’s face. It involves measuring the various proportions of the face such as the height to width ratio, the shape, size and contour of the nose, the fullness of lips, dimpling and wrinkling of the facial tissues, skin elasticity, submental fat consistency.
  • Photographic examination: It becomes mandatory to take pre-operative photographs to keep them as a record. These pictures are taken at various angles and preserved. Various measurements can also be done on the hard copies. These also help post operatively for a comparative evaluation of the surgical results.

Types Of Face Lift, Botox And Fillers And The Treatment Procedure:

A number of techniques for the surgical facelift are available depending upon which area of the face needs to be mastered at. Also botox and fillers can be given at the time of surgery or a few appointments later. The various approaches are as follows:

  • Liquid Facelift Method: It is basically a non-surgical approach in which fillers are administered via injections. These injections use various preparations from lactic acid, calcium, hyaluronic acid and hydroxyapatite. These chemicals bring about easy smoothening from skin wrinkles, creases and folds. This method does not require a surgical incision to be made.
  • Jaw Line Rejuvenation Method: This is purely a liposuction approach which removes excess fat between the jaw and the neck. A long incision is made along the course of the lower jaw line, the fascia lifted and the fats sucked under vaccum. This fat extracted can be refined and re administered into the paranasal or the cheek bone areas for fullness, if need be.
  • Mini Face Lift Method: It is a minimally invasive type of face lift in the sense that the length of the incisions, number of incisions made the recovery time as compared to a typical facelift method are minimum. 2 to 3 small incisions are made in the hairline and the excess tissues are removed with the help of this approach. The skin over the face is tightened to eliminate the saggy look and the wrinkles present. Patients opt for such an approach when they need a faster recovery and rapid results, also may not be ready for the standard method.
  • The S Lift Method: The name of the method is based on the shape of the incision made. An S shape incision is made in the lower jaw line, the skin and fascia raised, excess fat removed and the muscles are tightened. It can be considered to be a type of mini facelift with smaller incision and less recovery time.
  • Mid Face Lift: This is a very important and the most opted type of face lift method. This method aims at creating fullness at the cheekbone and the malar prominences, in the mid facial areas. In this method, incisions are made at the hairline near the ears and inside the mouth, and the fat pads are repositioned in order to give a chubbiness and contouring to the cheekbones.
  • Cutaneous Lift Method: It is purely intended to remove skin creases, folds and wrinkles by tightening the dermal layer of the skin only. It does not intervene with the muscles of the face.
  • Temporal Facelift/Browlift: It is an approach confined to the forehead area. It intends to improve the appearance of the brows. The ones drooping and sagging are made tight by making incisions at the hairline and tightening the fascia and the muscles around the forehead.
  • Traditional Facelift: This is the most extensive type of surgical face lift method. Incisions are made along the hairline near the ears and in the chin area. The skin and the fasci are then raised. The excess fats and tissues are removed. The remaining muscles are sutured together and help define the jaw line. An elaborative hospital stay is mandatory. Sutures are removed after a week and thorough facial muscle exercises are recommended.

A rhinoplasty for the nose, any of the lip augmentation procedures can always be combined with the facelift method as per the surgeon’s protocol and necessity and expectations of the patient.

Complications And Risk Factors Associated With Face Lift, Botox And Fillers:

  • The most common risk associated with performing any cosmetic procedure on the face is the unrealistic approach the patient may have towards the surgery. As for example the patient may expect very outstanding results after the surgery is done and may feel cheated or disappointed if the results are not as per his or her own expectations
  • Also, a patient may expect very less results and feel worried post operatively as a result of being unable to accept such drastic changes in the face and a fear on not being socially acceptable.
  • Scarring may occur around the face
  • Infections and bleeding can be seen around the sutures
  • Botox and fillers may cause allergic reaction sin the skin and lead to a failure

Am I Good Candidate For Face Lift, Botox And Filler Treatment?

We recommend you to consider yourself as a candidate for a facelift procedure if you fulfil any of the below mentioned criteria:

  • Have realistic approach towards procedures done on your face
  • Wrinkling, sagging, folds and creases of the facial skin are a constant botheration for you
  • You do not suffer from any underlying systemic conditions, even if you are, the vitals are all normal and in control

Benefits of Face Lift, Botox and Fillers Treatment:

A facelift, botox and filler will:

  • Reduce the ageing look on your face
  • Boost your morale and self confidence
  • Rejuvenate the face, making it appear more youthful and sound devoid of any ageing looks

Why Choose India:

India is one of the leading countries in the world in the field of cosmetic surgery. We at MedcureIndia are affiliated with the most renowned cosmetic centers of the country and aim at directing our clients to these institutes with the best treatment outcomes guarnteed.

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