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Breast Augmentation Versus Breast Uplift: What Should I Choose?

Breast Augmentation Versus Breast Uplift

What Is Breast Augmentation Versus Breast Lift Procedure?

Breast augmentation and breast lift procedures fall under the category of esthetic breast surgeries which help in the enhancement of the females breasts. These procedures are done by plastic surgeons and require thorough planning. However the indications for both the procedures are different; with various advantages and disadvantages attached to both. The differences between the two are outlined below in tabular format

Differences between Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Procedure:

Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift Procedure

It is a procedure done to enhance the overall appearance of the breasts by increasing their size.

It is a procedure done to enhance the look of the breasts by lifting them up when they have drooped or sagged down

Done on females with generally small breasts, breast removal following cancer treatment

Done on females who have saggy breasts, in old age or who already have undergone breast augmentation in the past

Increases the breast size, does not help in improving the position

Does not increase the breast size, helps in correcting the breast position

This procedure requires the placement of silicone implants

Does not require placement of any implants

The three incision approaches are as follows:

  1. Infra-mammary
  2. Trans-axillary
  3. Peri-areola

The three different incision approaches are as follows:

  1.  Peri-areolar
  2.  Vertical reduction
  3.  Inverted T

Chances of scarring are less

Chances of scarring are more

A second intervention may be needed if the implant fails, ruptures or gets displaced

A second intervention is generally not needed

Successful in around 67-77 percent of the cases

Successful in about 78-80 percent of cases

Requires frequent visits to the surgeon for checkups with the implants

Does not require frequent visits to the surgeon’s place

The procedure is expensive since it also includes the cost of the implants

The procedure is 30-35 percent lesser in cost since only surgical manipulations are done to correct the sagging breasts

Why choose India?

India is one of the most advancing countries in Asia with rapidly growing medical advancements. Plastic surgery being the prime esthetic surgical procedure, offers the best treatment outcomes for breasts and mammary tissues both at affordable costs and with excellent treatment outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

• Can breast lift and augmentation be done together?

Yes, a breast lift procedure can be done following an implant placement

• What causes breasts to sag?

Rapid reduction in weight, loosening of skin over the breasts due to old age or pregnancy or lactation can cause breasts to hang or sag.

• Are implants biodegradable?

No, if silicone implants become biodegradable they would dissolve in the body. they are supposed to maintain their shape and give the proper contour to the breasts as well.

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