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Penile Implant Surgery: The Artificial Way To Erection!

Penile implant/Prosthesis Surgery in india

What Is Penile Implant Surgery?

Penile implant surgery refers to the penile prosthesis or implants that are inserted into the penis in men so as to facilitate their erections during sexual intercourses. These are more or less artificial penis, which enhance the muscular contractions of the organ and the sexual activity too. Thus it makes it quite obvious that a surgical approach will be necessary. Implants can be semi-rigid or inflatable and the choices purely of the patient willing to undergo the surgery. This is the last resort when all methods to correct erectile dysfunctions in men fail. The methods usually adopted are medications, regular exercises, yoga. Penile implant comes into action when all these methods fail to correct ED.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

  • Chronic high stress levels
  • Uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes
  • Excessive smoking, alcohol consumption
  • Trauma in the groin region, sudden shock in the pelvic region

Signs and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction:

  • Failure to attain erection during sexual intercourse
  • Pain/discomfort while masturbation/having erection
  • Loss of libido, decreased self confidence in men
  • Complaining spouse/partner; dissatisfied partners

Diagnosis Required Prior To Penile Implant Surgery:

  • Physical examination: The reproductive organs are examined by the surgeon of the patient in concern. This majorly involves examining the penis and the testicles with hands and fingers.
  • Sexual history: The patient in concern is asked about the sexual history in terms of the number of times he has had erection in the past, number of times sexual attempts have failed and failed attempts at masturbation.
  • Medical history: This involves asking the patient about underlying medical conditions such as hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes, asthma. These conditions can be relative contraindications for the surgical procedure and may complicate the actual implant placement.
  • Ultrasound: In case any lump is suspected to be present in the groin region, an ultrasound is necessary to rule out any major pathology.

Treatment Procedures For Penile Implant Surgery:

The procedure can be done both under general as well as local anesthesia. It is a procedure of the outpatient department and the patient can be given a discharge on the same day. There are two types of implants available namely semi rigid and the inflatable ones. Irrespective of the type of the implant, it consists of three major components. These are:

  • A pump: This is placed inside the scrotum and has valves
  • Two cylinders: These are placed in the penis and connected with the reservoir
  • A reservoir consisting of saliva is placed in the abdominal wall.

During sexual intercourse, blood supply to the penis is the highest which is just enough to cause its erection. However during cases of ED, The muscles fail to contract due to various reasons. It is at this time when the reservoir is triggered and sends off the saliva and the fluid to the pump which is present in the scrotal sac. This is then passed on to the cylinders present in the corpora cavernosa of the penis and promotes erection. Once the intercourse has been completed, the pump sucks in the fluid from the penis and sends it back to the reservoir where it is preserved for the next time. Thus the cycle continues. 

Complications And Risk Factors Associated With Penile Implant Surgery:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding can occur at the time of the surgery and may continue even after the procedure has been completed
  • Infections at the site of the wound
  • Improper healing, scar tissue formation
  • Erosion of the implant may occur
  • Trauma to the implant can occur due to faulty implant, overuse and incorrect use of the implant
  • Pump or reservoir may get displaced from the site where it had been placed
  • In certain cases, mechanical failures may also occur

Am I Good Candidate For Penile Implant Surgery?

  • You persistently complain of ED and have an awful sex life
  • You know your problem of ED is not temporary or reversible or stress induced for the time being
  • Medications and massages have failed to cure your issue of ED and now you require a permanent solution for it

Recovery Time:

You can resume your sexual activities after a period of 5 to 6 weeks. However you are advised to go easy on your partner for the initial 1 to 2 times. It is also advisable to not force masturbation until 6 weeks of the surgery have been completed.

Success Rate:of Penile Implant Surgery:

The success rate for a penile implant surgery for the first year is approximately 80 percent. It may reduce to 60 percent in the next five successive years owing to the wearing away of the implant parts occurring as a result of repeated use.

Benefits of Penile implant/Prosthesis Surgery?:

  • Gives you your sense of masculinity back, brings back your self esteem which otherwise had been low
  • Gives you a long term relief from erectile dysfunction problem and help get you sexual pleasure as and when you need
  • Dismisses the need for taking medications for the same condition

Cost Comparisons for Penile Implant Surgery:

The penile implant surgery would cost you around a lakh INR if you opt for the Indian surgeons, be it anywhere across the country. This amount is roughly around 60 percent lesser as compared to what you are required to pay in the US/UK/Australia.

Why choose India?

MedcureIndia is one of the finest health tourism groups in India, dealing with both natural and prosthetic surgical approaches. With erectile dysfunction issues affecting nearly about 14.23 percent of the world’s male population, our team believes in extending a helping hand in the complete eradication of this stigma. We direct our clients to the highly equipped and intellect professionals ensuring complete recovery from the condition.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be able to urinate well after the implant?

Yes sure. The implant has got nothing to do with your urinary system, to be specific the urethra. You will be able to urinate as and when you need to, the urinary urges will also be all normal too.

Will the implant cause irritation during penetration?

No, not at all. The implant is placed in order to help you with the penetration and not cause any piching/irritation to your partner or you.

Can the implant be removed whenever I want?

This will be a one time task. You cannot remove and insert the implant as and when you need. Since this is a surgical procedure, you are opened once to insert the implant and once to remove it. Removal of the implant will be advised when it is seen to get displaced or cause any other pathology/trauma to the other adjacent structures.


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