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Urgie from Ethiopia Overcame Ovarian Cancer after Timely Medical Intervention and Treatment at Hospital, Delhi

Urgie from Ethiopia Overcame Ovarian Cancer

When 37 years of Urgie began experiencing heavy bleeding and bloating after the birth of her first child, doctors repeatedly wrote her symptoms off as postnatal depression. It was only when she insisted on surgery that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. There are many different types of ovarian cancer, including rare borderline ovarian tumors. A major symptom of this is feeling tired all the time, unfortunately for many women, these symptoms are generally ignored as a natural part of the aging process. In a lot of cases, patients that have ignored symptoms of this deadly illness have had a catastrophic impact on their health.


Her visits to the doctor in Ethiopia confirmed cancer; her doctor advised her to go in for ovarian surgery for the removal of the cancerous tumor. After further consultations and getting multiple doctors’ opinions, her surgery was scheduled; thankfully, her surgery was a success: “I was in surgery for around six hours. I had a full hysterectomy and appendectomy. They also removed tumors in my lower bowel,” recalls Urgie. “My doctor did leave my uterus in case I wanted In Vitro Fertilization at a later date, using donor eggs.”


Almost a month after her surgery, Urgie’s doctors gave her some grave News: “After a four-week recovery, I had a meeting with my doctor. It was quite a bit of a shock because they told me that I had a slow-growing form of ovarian cancer called borderline ovarian tumor”, said Urgie, “the doctor recommended that I go in for chemotherapy treatment.” After carefully evaluating her medical situation, Urgie decided to get in touch with Vaidam Health for assistance. “At this point, I was in need of assistance and thankfully things worked out with Vaidam,” said Urgie. Her case manager explained the entire procedure of traveling to India and helped her choose the best oncologist in India and hospital where she would get her cancer treatment: “the process at first seemed quite confusing, but after speaking to Sapna (Case Manager) things became extremely clear.

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