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Post-arrival ​hospitalization and treatment assistance

To minimize the difficulties of overseas patients, Medcure offers a range of pre-arrival services which ensure that the patient’s treatment plan is ready well in advance. This, in turn, ends up saving your precious time and cost once you land in the country.

  • Sending the patient’s medical reports to various concerned specialist doctors and hospitals.
  • Receiving and forwarding the doctors’ assessment reports for the ailment and treatment estimates to the patients.
  • Assisting the patient in deciding the best hospital for the treatment which is effective and affordable at the same time
  • Assisting the patient throughout in the paperwork required for obtaining medical visa and treatment according to the laws of the involved countries
  • Making the patient fully aware of the entire treatment process including the required days of stay at the hospital and follow-up treatment map to aid better planning
  • Arranging the transportation, accommodation, time of treatment and itinerary based on the patient’s preferences and convenience
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