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Post-arrival ​hospitalization and treatment assistance

Post-arrival ​hospitalization and treatment assistance

After the patient’s successful arrival in India, many things need to be handled before the medical treatment begins. That’s why we ensure all our medical tourists are provided with an effective post-arrival and hospitalization assistance. Our post-arrival services include:

  • Receiving the patient and attendants at the airport.
  • Dropping them to their chosen accommodation or hospital.
  • Fixing the consultation appointment with the doctor.
  • Providing an interpreter if needed to smoothly carry out the tests and consultations without any language barrier.
  • Visiting the patient and attendants frequently to make sure they have everything they need
  • Keeping the referral doctor in the loop about the treatment progress.
  • Post-treatment and departure assistance.

Medcure believes in providing end-to-end assistance to patients which is why our responsibility doesn’t end with the successful completion of the treatment. We also provide post-treatment and departure assistance​, including:

  • Helping the patient get discharge after the treatment
  • Assisting the patient and attendants in bill settlements at the hospital and accommodating them at a hotel
  • Helping with all the paperwork necessary for a hassle-free departure
  • Arranging transportation to the airport

With all these services, Medcure aims to make the entire medical tour a pleasant and stress-free experience for the patient as well as their attendants. Connect with us if you are planning to get medical treatments in India.

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