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Want a Flat Tummy - Try These 7 Steps Easy and Simple

Flat Tummy in india

The Obesity is now a challenge faced by majority of population. According to John Hpokins Medicine USA, states that within two decades obesity has risen significantly in USA. Data from National Centre for Health Statistics provide that every third adult in USA above the age of 20 years is obese. Not just adults,but 21 % childrens from age 6 - 11 years are obese. Nearly 50% of population in developed countries are now facing serious challenges due to obesity and being over weight.But there are simple and easy steps to reduce body weight and achieve the gola of flat tummy. These guidelines are daily followed by celeb nutritionists and celebrities themselves to keep the track on their weight. Many people have achieved their goals for losing weight and achieved a fitness level, that was beyond their imaginations and belief. These steps does not require any huge cost or any fancy gym equipments, rather, ensuring these guidelines in daily life is quite easy for people.


We will start with morning till night routine for these steps. Each step is according to time and suitable for every human on this planet.

Step 1 - Early to Rise.

Every motivational speaker, sportsperson,successful actor, business persons, politicians will tell that they rise early. How does this impact on losing weight and achieving the goal of flat tummy. Rising early will kickstart your metabolism and your body system will crave for food. Also rising early gives you the time for expensing energy. For example - Waking up at 5 am in comparison to waking up 8 am. 3 hours of daily routine will burn calories at a rate of 372 calories/ hour. This estimate is provided by Harvard Health Publications. If 3 hours X 372 = 1116 calories burned. Biking at a moderate pace/ hour burns 550 calories. If you involve excercise in your morning routine either through gym/biking/swimming/walking/running, your calorie burn count increases. Rising early, mixing with workout keeps your metabolism active for whole day, which helps in digesting the whole food intake properly, this helps in reducing fat storage. This way rising early helps a lot for reducing weight.

Step 2 - Have a Healthy Breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important part of daily food intake. Skipping breakfast is the worst trick a person can do with moving towards fighting obesity. Many times people tend to diet with skipping breakfast, this does more harm then good. Researchers prove that people who skip breakfast tend to move towards high calorie lunch, which indirectly adds to gaining weight. Breakfast should be before 10 am. A big reasons for " Before 10 am Breakfast " is satisfies your early morning cravings. Body needs food after a sound sleep of 7-8 hours. This also satiates the morning caving. You wont feel to eat anything till lunch. Digestion of breakfast will take time, which will be done till your avg. lunch time, ensuring your stomach does not become a junk bag. It will be empty till lunch.


Breakfast should include green vegetables, fat, carbs and fruits, more prefered then fruit juice. As eating fruits directly will maximise the intake of fibres.Eggs, banana, Coffee, Wheat bread, Oatmeal, peanut butter, Yoghurts are among the options which you can select for your breakfast. “Before 10 am Breakfast " should include fat, as this helps in controlling cravings, also fat gets burned in whole at work.

Step 3 - Walking/Stairs

If you are among those who are not able to make it to the gym in early morning, make a habit of walking till office. if your workplace is far off, book a cab only till 500 meters before your office. Walk till your office. Walking will burn your calories and save money. With daily walking practise, you can increase the distance from office for walking. Increasing more saving and adding steps. Stairs are also great workout. In between office, you can climb a few stories through stairs. Climbing stairs will help in activity moving away from desks and a motion to body in between is necessary. Moving away from computer screens will rest your eyes.Walking and stairs will digest your healthy breakfast, burning calories and moving towards your target of flat tummy.

Step 4 - Small Portion in Lunch.

Now its the lunch time.You have now sensing craving from your hectic work and lots of calorie burning. Now packing making and packing your own lunch is the best thing a person can do. Eating daily prepared lunch is far more healthy then ready to eat food or ordered online. Making your own lunch will keep control on your food habits, including healthy ingredients. Lunch should be Eggs, Leafy greens,Salmon,Lean beef and chicken breasts,Tuna, Legumes and Beans. There are wide choices for healthy lunch, which can be prepared fast and remain healthy till long.It is advised that lunch should not be heavy. As this will bring sleepy feeling and slowing your motions. Food generally increases insulin levels, which trigger our " Happy" hormones or " Sleep" hormones. Eating should be only 75 % of your hunger.Taking small portions of healthy will directly keep you away from sleepy mode, which tend to take over, and maintain your productivity in work. A research shows that Office productivity falls after lunch. The reason for this is mainly in heavy and unhealthy lunch.

Step 5 - 5 pm snack.

5 pm generally is a tim when your belly fires up again, demanding something to eat. Your energies are down,as you have attained meeting, calls and spent your gaze looking towards computer screens. All this stuff has drained your energy, now you need something to gear up again to focus on work and spent your time in office being highly productive. So for this type of evening snack your can opt for mixed nuts, dark chocolate, snack bars, a cup protein supplement with water. Avoid coffee, cold drinks, wafers, burgers or anything which attracts you the most. Eating a evening snack is necessary as small portion of lunch is now over. Average human body needs to eat at interval of 4 hours. Involving proteins in your breakfast, lunch and snack will eventually increase muscle content in your body weight index, more the muscle, more the calorie burning takes place.

Step 6 - A Light Dinner Before 7 pm

Dinner is something which should be light as possible. Include only proteins and carbs. Fat should be avoided. Dinner should not be after 7 PM. As early the dinner is done, more is the digestion of food. Try to have Eggs, meat and Oven-Baked Salmon. Recipe | Courtesy of Kathleen Daelemans, Parkers Split Pea Soup, Pork Chops With Apples and Garlic Smashed Potatoes,Roasted Cauliflower are some of the foods you can try for light dinner..Deep fried or fatty foods should be avoided. Light dinner is recommended because this helps in non accumulation of fats and carbs which indirectly increases the obesity. With late night heavy dinner usually stays in stomach due to slowing down of digestion activity, resulting in next day loss of morning apatite, lethargic and increasing chances of cholesterol deposition.

Step 7 - Sleep Before 11 pm.

This is an essential guideline for weight loss. Many people will wonder how sleeping early will help in tummy reduction and weight loss. People tend to stick to their laptops, mobile phones deeply involved all social media accounts generally awake till late night. As human body required food after few hours, this leads to late night munching of snacks. Usually high fats and carb snacks. To avoid these, early to bed is extremely important.Also avg human needs sleep of 7 hours. This relaxes body and mind. Early to bed will lead early to rise. Also sleeping hydrated is important. Body need fluids, water is the best. 7 - 8 hours body does need fluids. " Sleep before 11 PM" will help in getting up early next day, being your day totally fresh and awake, physically and mentally.


Follwoing these simple 7 steps needs discipline, consistency and efforts. Results are now immediate but long term. Changes being to appear with time.


Though many people find it difficult to choose a lifestyle stated above or have crossed who require immediate medical procedures for their obesity. Obesity can be treated through surgical interventions. The Obesity or weight loss treatment include: -

Bariatric Surgeries are the options for such treatments.Below are the types of Bariatric surgical procedures are provided.


Bariatric Surgical procedures are focussed towards restricting the food intake of stomach through medical surgeries. Most common types of bariatric Surgeris are : - 

  1. Gastric bypass - Also known as "Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass". This surgery is also considered as " GOLD Standard " of weight loss surgery.Cost of Gastric Bypass in India is US $ 8000. Same would cost US $ 28,000 in USA.
  2. Sleeve gastrectomy - Most of the stomach is removed in this surgery. Cost of Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India is US $ 6600. Same would cost in US $ 23000 in USA.
  3. Adjustable Gastric Band - Often called as "Band". It puts a band in stomach. Dividing it into two parts. Cost of  Adjustable Gastric Band in India is US $ 5500, Same would cost US $ 18500 in USA.
  4. Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch – abbreviated as BPD/DSCost in India is US $ 5500.

There are also Cosmetic Surgical Procedures involved, through which Obesity or weight loss treatment can be done, these include : - 

  1. Liposuction - This is a medical procedure through which excessive body weight is removes through surgeries. Arms, waists, stomach, thighs and hips can be treated though Liposuction surgery. Cost of Abdomen Liposuction is around USD 1200 in India.
  2. Tummy Tuck Surgery - Also know as Abdominoplasty, this surgery involves removing excessive flat from stomach.People who are generally so obese that their movement is hindered and their lives are at stake due to excessive body weight, this cosmetic procedure is helpful. There are various types of tummy tuck surgeries, Complete Abdominoplasty, Partial/Mini Abdominoplasty,Extended Abdominoplasty, High Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck, Floating Abdominoplasty/Extended mini abdominoplasty/FAB Technique, Circumferential Abdominoplasty, Combination Procedures. Cost of tummy tuck is USD 3500 as compared to same procedure would cost around USD 14000 in USA or any other Western country.
  3. Mommy Makeover - Focused towards females, helps in achieving the bod structed after pregnancy. The mommy makeover has the prime goal of restoring the shape of these parts and bringing them back to the normal shape. The cost of Mummy Makeover in India is USD 6000.

Medcureindia is helps in achieving the best version of you through multiple cosmetic procedures. We strive to assist international patient’s best treatments available at most affordable cost. Our associations with JCI Hospitals in India along with best Cosmetic Surgeons make it the whole cosmetic treatment in India the best decision for international patients.

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