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Planning A Medical Treatment Overseas. Here Are the Important Checklists

Medical Treatment

Planning a Medical Treatment Overseas. Here are the important checklists is the most important wealth a human can have. With globalization, developed healthcare facilities now are available at affordable cost in countries which provide them at most affordable cost. Global connectivity has expanded the scope of medical tourism around the world. Traveling for ones medical treatment is not a difficulty as it may seem. With this article you can get few important tips for planning your

medical treatment overseas. The 5 things to give light before your medical treatment abroad are : -

1 ) Wide Homework / Planning

A famous saying goes by " One who fails to plan, plan to fail." Things to work for during

planning phase are : 

  • Cost - Most important factor. As cost varies from country to country for treatment, due to medical taxes vary from country to country. Taxes on life-saving devices, along with government approach towards medical tourism. Also, medical Visa cost, doctors fees, PPP ( Purchasing Power Parity) and global connectivity with flights impact upon cost in a severe manner. So look for the best option which can save loads of hard earned money for treatment. For example - India supports medical tourism with low-cost medical Visa, Nil or very low taxes on medical treatment/devices drags down medical treatment cost very low.Among the lowest in the world.
  • Treatment Availability : - This factor is also very important. Availability of multi-specialty hospitals with most developed medical infrastructure should be in visiting country. Most difficult treatments related to Brian, Heart, Kidney, organ transplant, knee replacement etc, require highly skilled doctors and high-end medical devices. The hospitals in visiting countries should have all the required infrastructure and highly skilled human resource.
  • Language Ease: - Communication is strong from the moment you land in visiting country for treatment, until your departure. Clear and obvious communication is necessary to convey your health problems with Doctors and understand their guidance. Also does your hospital or medical tourism company provides a Translator/ Communicator during your overseas treatment journey. English is widely spoken in India and South East Asia. If you are visiting India for medical treatment, then English is a must.


2) Accreditation : JCI ( Joint Commission International) is the best accreditation provided by Non-profit NGO based in the USA to hospitals which fulfills and maintains strict health practices, patient safety and quality of healthcare. Look for various national accreditations also. IN India, NABH and NABL are accreditation provided by Indian agencies. But its better to select hospitals which are awarded JCI accreditation. In India, 11 hospitals have been awarded JCI. But still, there are hospitals which are best in healthcare even though not being a JCI.


3) Cost Comparison: As described earlier, the cost is among the most important factor which governs the patients decision for overseas medical treatment. As mentioned, various factors which play an important role in maintaining medical treatment affordable.

For example - Indian government reduced the price of Stents, which are used in heart surgeries. With this, the heart surgeries treatment cost in India has been reduced by 80 %. Also, knee replacement cost is reduced due to lowering prices of the important implant by the government. Drug prices in India are low due to innovation and generic drugs being promoted by companies and government.

4) Ease of Travelling: This includes global connectivity and ease of medical visa provided by visiting country. the issues usually arrive when hospital selected by the patient is not in the metro city but some other city and connectivity to such city is only by flights which are once in a day or few days. This will eventually increase the cost for the patient as length of stay will increase, resulting in high cost due to accommodation, along with inconvenience caused to the patient and attendant.S o check for direct connectivity with flights to the city in which hospital is based. Medical Visa is provided by countries in given time and urgently is also important. India provides medical Visa at the fast pace.Also, check rules for Medical Visa. For ex: - Medical tourism in India is not possible of Citizens of Pakistan. Currently being banned by Government of India. Though provided under extraordinary circumstances. For overseas medical treatment. Consider medcureindia as your attendant in India.

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