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Most Common Early Symptoms and Warning signs of Cancer

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Cancer is a global health challenge which resulted in the loss of 9.6 million lives and 18.1 million new confirmed cancer cases across the world in the year 2018. Cancer burden is increasing around the world irrespective of any exception, affecting both developed, developing and under developed countries and huge population suffers from this deadly disease. According to WTO (World Health Organisation) the ratio of person developing cancer is one among 5 in men and one among 6 in women, which is very high in comparison to other health burdens. 


Cancer detection at an early stage can be a life saving step as witnessed in majority of cases as  early cancer diagnosis led to successful cancer treatment and early recovery. Normally, cancer detection is done through “Cancer Screening test”, also  most effective tool being the education and awareness about early diagnosis of symptoms and warning signals of cancer. 



Some of the most common symptoms associated with cancer are : - 


Persistent Cough or Blood saliva : -


These can be the symptom of lung cancer or neck cancer.Prolonged cough for more than a month can be a signal or warning sign for cancer. 


Bowel Habit Changes : - 


Though majority of bowel habit changes are directly related to diet. But if no particular cause for such change is evident after evaluation, than a cancer screening test must be done. 


Blood in the stool : - 


It is a serious condition arising from hemorrhoids, which causes rectal bleeding.For such symptoms, examination of entire intestinal internal tract is necessary, as hemorrhoids are quite common, and can exist with cancer. Colonoscopy is usually recommended for cancer detection under such condition.


Abnormal Anemia or Low blood count :- 


Bowel cancer can cause anemia. Usually, anemia has many causes which leads to iron deficiency and low blood count, but there is always a reason to explain, if there is unexpected or abnormal loss of blood, it can be a symptom of cancer.


Breast Lump or Breast discharge 


This can be a symptom of breast cancer. Usually most common cancer among women, any breast lump should be thoroughly examined medically for cancer diagnosis.Mammography, MRI and ultrasound are test which should be done for diagnosis of breast cancer.



Lump in the testical 


This can be warning for testicular cancer. Men should be aware of any such lump in testicals and refer to the doctor immediately. No hesitation should be made while in such medical condition.Testicular cancer lump is painless but uncomfortable.Enlarged testical also be caused due to infections or swollen veins, but timely evaluation from a doctor is necessary.



Changes in urine/urination


These symptoms point towards prostate cancer. These symptoms can be slow or frequent urine discharge, a small amount of urine flow or blood in urine. For blood in urine, kidney or bladder cancer can be the reason, though Hematurai or kidney stones are general causes for blood in urine.


Lumps or swollen glands


Unexpected lumps in the body are among the most common symptom for cancer. If the condition persists for more than 4 weeks, doctor should be consulted.


Difficulty in swallowing 


It can be reason for cancer of the esophagus. 


Unexpected Weight loss. Night sweats or fever


Though these can be symptoms for many other diseases, but such warning signs such as weight loss can be a warning sign for Pancreatic Cancer.


Non healing sores


Non healing sores are serious as sores get healed within few days. Non healing sores in mouth, tongue, gums, or tonsils are signal for raised alarm and consult a doctor.

Pain in the back or pelvic area :- 

Though these pain are general part of our daily life, but during an event of constant back pain or pelvic pain it can be a signal of symptoms for ovarian cancer.



Cancer in today’s world, is curable with advanced medical science aided by daily progress in cancer studies along with research. Detection of cancer in early stages vastly increases the chances for successful cancer treatment. Though cancer is prevalent  in Low and Middle income countries, cancer diagnosis, evaluation and treatment are limited or even non existent sometimes. India is the best destination for cancer treatment as in India there are best cancer hospitals along with most experienced oncologists, top class laboratoires for cancer screening test. Affordable cancer treatment in India has led many patients from Africa, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Arab countries visit India for medical tourism.

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