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Medical Visa rules in India relaxed, pushes for easier access to Medical treatment in India

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Medical Visa rules in India relaxed,  pushes for easier access to Medical treatment in India


In year 2018, India welcomed more than half a million medical tourists from around the world seeking for most affordable medical treatments. The growth of medical tourism industry in India is at 18% CAGR and with the liberalization of Medical Visa regime, Government of India focuses to promote this niche tourism across the world and making it easier for foreigners who want to take benefit of affordable medical treatments in India.



In pursuit to make medical treatment in India more approachable, GOI ( Government of India) has relaxed medical visa rules to allow foreigners to avail medical treatment in India for pre existing diseases without a medical visa. However, this facility was not available for those seeking organ transplants.Earlier, any foreigners arrived in India on primary visa need to convert its visa to medical visa (Med Visa)  for medical treatment, though this visa condition changed in the year 2018, but pre existing diseases were excluded. As per Ministry of Home Affairs, “ Now, the Government of India has further liberalised the Medical Visa regime and permitted foreigners to get the indoor treatments on their primary (original) visa even for pre existing diseases (except in cases of organ transplant) which the foreigners may have been suffering from even before his/her entry into India”. 



The step taken by the GOI for liberalising the medical visa regime will benefit the medical tourism industry in India, best hospitals in India  who treat international patients and the people who arrive in  India with a pre existing disease, later suffering during their stay and faced difficulties while availing for medical treatment, as hospitals advised the patients to get their primary visa converted to medical visa. Foreigners taking indoor treatment required of less than 180 days or upto the stay stipulation period,a foreigner is permitted to take such indoor medical treatments on primany visa, subjected to certain conditions.  The hospitals will give admission to foreigners seeking indoor medical treatment up to 180 days even irrespective of the fact that a foreigner was suffering from disease even before his/her entry.

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