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Medical Tourism Company - 4 important factors for selecting [ Easy and Simple ]

Medical Tourism Company

Medical tourism has grown exponentially across the globe. India has witnessed growth of CAGR of 10 %. Fuelling this growth has been supported by Medical Tourism Facilitators, also called as Medical Tourism Company. These MTF/MTC provides all the services required by the patients. Many questions are in the mind of patients who seek treatment in foreign country,like how will i get to know the best hospital, what is the cost, language issues, how to communicate with the hospitals, arranging treatment issues, accommodation for the attendant, right guidance for the treatment, medical visa arrangements ?


All these questions are a solved by MTF/MTC. But selection for a medical tourism company is difficult task, as there are ample of companies involved in patient treatment assistance. People generally resort to internet, local guidance, close contact information, print media or any other advertisement source for the selection of medical tourism company, but not always patient get the best option, which results in medical tourism company which is of below grade work level, is only a meditator company with other such MTF/MTC, provides limited options for treatment and hospital selection and focus only towards profit making.

Here are 5 guidelines to follow which are easy to understand and implement while selecting Medical Tourism Company.


Usually patients reply upon internet search, around 90% in such cases. But internet is filled with all types of medical tourism companies. Ranging from all around theglobe. Each claiming to be the best in the world. With lots of images of treated patients, tie-ups with global hospitals and assurance of best assistance for patients treatment.


But patients or member searching for medical tourism company should follow few basic steps : -

1. Search Extensively. This is must. As searching internet will give lot of options, among them few will be actually best.

2. Select few. Since searching will result into many options,selecting few is a must process. Select on the basis of credentials, past experience, if able to contact treated patients, then it is the best option. As such patients will provide best recommendations and reviews. 


2 ) Medical Treatment cost.

Check the medical treatment cost provided. If the cost is too less and insists only on saving money, then the chances are the hospitals for treatment are sub standard, many associated services like accommodation, travel, language co-ordinator will not be provided or will be in bits and parts.

Do the study of cost comparison by various medical tourism company. Contact directly through mails/calls few hospitals for treatment cost. For example : - Knee replacement avg. cost is = US $ 6,200. So majority of packages will be around this cost only.


3 ) Transperency in the process.

Transperency is must. Since the whole process of treatment abroad involves your life and life savings, the communication between you and medical tourism company is must. Patient should be aware of what hospital is being selected for patient, complete Doctor profile,ones who will carry the treatment. Along with breakup of package provided. Complete details of accommodation in advance so that attendant should not face any issues while in foreign country.So be very clear with the MTC about everything. Get entire details about the hospitals,doctors, accommodations and get it verified if possible. Medical package should detailed in nature, describing what is included in the package.


4 ) Complete assistance.

Ensure that the MTC will provide complete assistance from the moment you land on the host country for treatment.Many times the assistance is only through telephonic. No personal attendant is presented by the MTC. Patients should not feel betrayed in host country after they land and realize that no assistance is by the MTC.


Get assurance that a personal attendant will be provided since the arrival till the departure. Personal assistance will ensure transportation from Airport till hospital admission of patient, accommodation of attendant accompany patient.Timely visit to hospital for general discussion about the treatment with the patient, language translator, solve issues during billing and transportation. Many problems are solved if a personal assistance is provided by the Medical tourism company.


Happy Journey.

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