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Medical Tourism - 5 ways to save [ Big ]

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has given the opportunity of best treatment with most affordable cost. Many factors have contributed towards the growth of medical tourism in India and other countries. Advance medical facilities, high skill set doctors and allied staff, along with wide spoken English language makes it very easy for international patients, not just from underdeveloped countries but from developed countries also.

Though medical procedures are done abroad result in savings, there are few treatments which can save a lot for patients. These procedures can save around 50 - 80 % for the patients. Below are the few ones.


1. Cosmetic Surgery :

Looking young and Beautiful is the desire since ancient times. But with the advancement of medicine and technology, cosmetic surgeries are now possible and with medical tourism within reach of the majority of the population. Brazil, US is the leading countries which avail the cosmetic surgery treatments globally. 

Extensive Face lIfe in India cost the US $ 2800. Whereas same procedure costs in USA $ 19000. Similarly, Rhinoplasty, Arm life, Breast Reduction, Breast Augmentation, NOse reshaping, Butt Increment and all other cosmetic procedures cost around 70% - 80 % less than a developed country.Also, Such procedures cost in India less than Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, UAE and other medical tourism destination. India has huge experience in cosmetic procedures. Along with highly skilled Doctors and healthcare institutions with global accreditations.


2. Hip Replacement Surgery.

Hip replacement surgery is conducted usually through traditional or minimally invasive surgeries. Hip pain can be thought many reasons. Usually, older people have hip pain and associated issues, medical tourism is the best option for such population as earning is no more and increasing medical bill becomes a burden. The cost of hip replacement in the USA is more than $ 60,000, were in Singapore it costs US $ 12,000. In India, the hip replacement cost is US $ 6,000. The cost of only 10% from the USA, also half of Singapore. The treatment would be the best, in globally recognized hospitals


3. Lasik Surgery.

Lasik Surgery is the most common eye surgery procedure. It can be done by anyone who wants to remove glasses or contact lenses. Above 18 years of age is the only requirement usually. 

 The cost of Lasik Surgery in USA is $ 5,000, whereas in India it costs around US $ 1500. The treatment in India assures the best treatment. Also with high skill doctors and advanced medical equipment, the Lasik Surgery is done with global standards. Also, the flights to India is cheap in comparison to many developed countries, which reduces the travel cost for patients. Along with that, other expenses like accommodation, food, local travel is cheap, which is usually higher in Singapore, Turkey, South Korea, Thailand, and UAE. So overall medical tourism in India for eye treatments is the best and most affordable.


4. Heart Bypass.

Heart Bypass surgery in India cost around US $ 8,000 - 10,000, whereas, in USA or any other developed country, this surgery cost will increase by more than 80 %. Medical tourism destinations like Thailand, South Korea, UAE, and China will have more cost than India, as such surgeries require highly skilled doctors and advanced medical equipment, which eventually will increase cost in above countries.


5. Knee Replacement


The Indian government recently has reduced the cost of implants used for Knee replacement. With such initiatives, the cost has further been reduced. Now the knee replacement surgery in India cost around US $ 3,000 - 9,000. Similar treatment in Singapore costs around US $ 10,000 or above

Medical tourism has become a symbiotic relationship between countries which help in exchange of people, culture, and finance.


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