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Medical Tourism : 5 Things International Patients should Take Care off

Medical tourism


Medical tourism is now a global phenomenon. Many patients cross the borders for their treatments to countries which they have never been to. Medical tourism comes with prospects of good health, traveling to a new location, understanding new cultures and saving money.


Many times, patients have to take care of things which no one tells them. Since patients are unaware of complex issues which entail medical treatments in foreign countries, they get entangled in various challenges and ultimately lose money, valuable time and sometimes risk for their health. So its very necessary to have a homework before coming to any country for medical treatments. Below are the 10 things which international patients seeking treatments in medical tourism destinations should take care off :



1.  Never select Non - Accreditated Hospitals : 


With growing private healthcare participation in developing countries, which are usually forefront and main choice for international patients for treatments, many hospitals come into the healthcare sector. But non - accredited hospitals usually dont follow international practices which enhances not only the quality of treatments but also focuses on patients safety. So always select hospitals which are JCI ( Joint Commision International ) Accredited. These are the best hospitals in the world. India has JCI accredited hospitals, which provides multi-specialty treatments. 



2. Do your own homework apart from the guidance of medical tourism company :


Patients usually approach medical tourism company for their entire process of getting their treatments done in the foreign country. They rely on these companies for hospital selection, travel arrangements and contact with doctors. Medical tourism company plays an important role in overseas treatments, a lot of things go easy with assistance from these companies. But, patients should have their own knowledge and understanding of the whole process, along with educating self with kind of treatment provided by hospitals, which hospitals are being suggested, number of days involved in treatments, accommodation of attendant and consultation with doctors for the treatments. 

Patients should also contact the hospitals directly. Should inquire about the Doctors profile and experience. The cost involved in the treatment, hotels selected for attendant and post-treatment assistance by the medical tourism company.



3. Cost should not be the only major factor for traveling to a foreign country : 


Cost of a medical travel in the foreign country plays a very important role in medical tourism. In fact, the cost is one of the major reason due to which international patients seek medical treatments in foreign countries. But, patients should look beyond the cost and go deeper if medical travel and treatment cost is too less. Very competitive pricing by medical tourism company will compromise on hospital selection, giving preference to those hospitals which does not have any accreditation nor any infrastructure of super - specialty treatments. Also, accommodation for attendant will be compromised. Patients also have to face quality issue with food, hygiene of hospital surroundings and traveling for an attendant from the hotel to the hospital where the patient will be admitted for treatment.

So its best to clarify with medical tourism company about whole services provided by them, which includes conveyance for attendant and patient. Hospital information and its homework through internet, food provided as per your requirement and accommodation for attendant. 


4. Be informed about the whole procedure : 


Medical tourism involves a lot of stages. Patients should mainly focus on treatment provided by the hospital, recovery time, stay in the hospital and post-discharge check-ups and post-treatment care. Many times patients do not have information, come without homework, mainly relying on medical tourism company. So its better that patients should consult with a local doctor for the treatment provided by the medical tourism company.


5. Getting totally educated about the contract with medical tourism company/ Hospital: 


Patients should understand and be well informed about the terms and conditions provided by medical tourism company and hospitals. It includes conveyance, food preferences, hotel accommodation for the attendant, total days in the hospital, post-treatment check and extra cost involved, medicines availability in native country and complete sharing of medical history by the hospitals/ medical tourism company.





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