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Malaria Vaccine: World’s Biggest Healthcare News of 2019

Malaria Vaccine

Malaria, the vector borne disease that accounts for nearly half a millions deaths around the world, among which majority of casualties being the childrens it  is now can have a full stop.A vaccine has been developed with constant efforts from the leading healthcare groups, NGO’s and innovators.


Malaria is life threatening parasite disease caused by the action possibility of female mosquitoes spreading parasites Plasmodium Vivax, Plasmodium Falciparum, Plasmodium malaria, asn PLasmodium Ovale. The Malaria Vaccine called “RTS’S”. Basically, when mosquitoes bites a human, it transfer Plasmodium Falciparum parasite, a parasite which is host human body, infects the liver. The vaccine will trigger the immune system which will defend against the parasite on it’s first stage, so that the spread of parasite can be thwarted. Liver is the main target of parasite where it mature, multiply and enter the bloodstream again. The purpose of vaccine is to avert the parasite to enter the liver and infecting it. Malaria will be curbed from the point it enters the human body from the mosquitoes. The vaccine is developed in collaboration from GSK, Melinda Gates Foundation and PATH ‘s Malaria Vaccine Initiative.


The vaccine has been on developed by the constant efforts of 30 years. As per the statement of WHO (World Health Organization) -  a pilot project has been kick started in Malawi, Africa to administer the malaria vaccine to children below the age to 2 years. The pilot project aims to administer the malaria vaccine to 3,60,000 childrens across the 3 Africa countries - Malawi, Ghana and Kenya. RTS,S vaccine clinical trials displayed huge success which was carried out in year 2009 till 2014. During this phase 3 trial, children’s who received these 4 doses of RTS,S  vaccine, it prevented 4 out of 10 cases of Clinical Malaria, 3 in 10 cases of Severe Malaria and 6 out of 10 cases in severe anemia malaria. Also, hospitals admissions were reduced related to malaria cases and drop in blood transfusion.


The efforts have been so persistent in developing the vaccine because the traditional methods of malaria prevention like bed nets and other control measures have proved successful , but lately the outcome has been stalled by these older methods. Now a new solution to tackle the issue of malaria which should be long term and solves the challenge from grassroot. Malaria is a global healthcare challenge because the deaths resulted by Malaria are 2,50,000 in africa alone every year. Malaria kills a child every two minutes across the globe. The major deaths resulted by the Malaria are childrens’, primarily under the age of 5 years. Malaria is among the leading killers in the world, that too childrens. Africa and Asia are among the most suffered by deaths due to Malaria. With rising temperature due to global warming, the spread of mosquitoes will get a boom and spread into those areas which geographically has no mosquitoes. This has further aggravated the challenge as currently malaria is leading killer and in near future will spread to areas which it was not in existence. 


Now the vaccination of RTS,S will target Ghana and Kenya. Malawi is the only country in which malaria vaccine started. Totally 10 countries have showed” Express of Interest” for the administration of malaria vaccination, but Malawi, Ghana and Kenya were chosen because well functioning malaria and immunisation programs and moderate to high malaria transmission. 

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