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Knee Replacement surgery cost in these 6 countries will save a lot.

Knee Replacement surgery cost in

Orthopaedic treatments in majority of less privileged parts of the world are a major health challenge. The huge inequality in terms of hospital infrastructure, lack experienced doctors, unavailability of surgical equipments, inaccessible and costly medical implants create wide gaps in treatment of patients. People are forced to live with the pain and manage their lives with difficulties.


Amongst all these health barriers, medical teams from developed countries perform surgeries including orthopedic in less developed countries, majorly in Africa, which are relief for the patients, but the case is not always positive. A female, aged 31 from kijabe, Kenya underwent total knee replacement surgery by a foreign orthopaedic team in Kenya. For nearly 10 months she has favorable outcome, but later complications started to arise,  of wound healing problems, restriction of movements and persistent pain and dissatisfaction. This condition developed due to performing surgical procedures without proper patient follow - up, lack of discussion with patient about the issue and absence of access to proper surgical resources. As there is a saying “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, world has witnessed a healthcare allied industry grown called “medical tourism”, a niche tourism among tourism. Patients from across the world travel for affordable medical treatments halfway across the world.


Here are the countries which offer lowest cost of Knee replacement surgery  : -


1 . JORDAN  

The country located in Arab peninsula is among the destinations where knee replacement surgery is affordable. Jordan is a upper middle income country, with decent hospitals and experienced doctors along with healthcare assistance. The cost of knee replacement surgery in Jordan is approximately US $ 9500. But the hotels, food and local travelling makes the total medical trip a costly affair, as these are on the higher side, being a year round tourist attraction. The advantage Jordan have is its proximity to Africa and high disposable income neighbouring countries. It is also a tourist attraction having world famous Petra. A visa is a bit tedious task and English language is not fluent or widely spoken as in other medical tourism destinations.


2. Poland

This European country has gain traction in medical tourism recently. The cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in Poland is around US $ 8,200. Poland has been promoting medical tourism to gain patient traffic from Europe and Rich Arab countries. Though attaining knee arthroscopic surgery at less than US $ 9000 in Europe seems very affordable, but Hotels and local transportation like private Taxi are not cheap. Being one of the most favorite tourist attraction destination in the world, Poland has huge inflow of general tourists, which skyrockets the price of other amenities. Also medical prescription are as per European standards, which are inaccessible in Africa, Asia and South America.


3.  Vietnam

Vietnam is now a emerging medical tourism destination in Asia. The cost of Knee replacement surgery in Vietnam is nearly US $ 8000. One of the most beautiful country in South Asia and favourite among Western travellers, it can be another option for people seeking orthopedic surgery. Though dental treatments are major point of attraction for medical tourist travelling to Vietnam, as dental procedures are costly in western countries, and while travelling, dental procedures can be completed as it does not require any major surgery or overlap medical visa. Though local travel and hotels are cheap in Vietnam, the doctors and surgeons are not much experienced and qualified as compared to other medical tourism destinations. Hygiene levels is compromised along with limited number of options highly accredited healthcare institutions as only one or two JCI hospitals.Also the winter’s in Poland are very cold, not suitable for the people of tropics and hot lands of Arabia and Africa.


4. Malaysia.

Malaysia has earned a respectable position in medical tourism. It holds among the top 5 destinations in Asia for best medical value travel. The knee replacement surgery cost in Malaysia is close to US $ 7700, which is very economical in terms of quality of medical assistance, experienced doctors and well qualified healthcare assistants. Accessibility to Malaysia is quite an easy task coupled with medical visa procedures encourages the hassle free flow of medical tourists in the country. Recently, the cost of Hotels have gone up in comparison to nearest medical tourism destinations increasing the total treatment cost.


5. Columbia

Surprisingly, the South American country is in the lists of affordable medical treatments. The cost of knee replacement Surgery in Columbia is US $ 7200. This beautiful country is filled with stunning landscapes of rainforests, jungles and colonial city. Proximity to USA and Canada makes it an attractive medical value travel destination in South America. Columbia is well known for the plastic surgery such as breast surgeries, butt treatments and other cosmetic procedures. The greater number of medical tourists opt Columbia for cosmetic surgeries. The biggest challenge in Columbia is security, as drug menace is still prevalent. Connectivity with Asia, Australia and Africa is not great as compared to other medical tourism destinations like India, Thailand or Singapore. English language is not widely spoken which can be a little difficult for travelers to communicate with doctors.


6. India.

India is the blue eyed boy in medical tourism industry. According to IMTJ ( International Medical Travel Journal), India is the among the best medical tourism destination in the World.The Knee Replacement Surgery cost in India is approximately US $ 6100. The lowest in comparison to any medical tourism destination across the globe. The cost of orthopaedic surgery is very affordable in India along with the quality of treatment provided is at par with US and European Standards. India has more than 30 JCI accredited hospitals, among which Artemis Hospitals in Gurugram, Continental Hospitals in Hyderabad are highly acclaimed. The level of hygiene is maintained so that patients from Japan, South Korea, USA, or European feel comfortable. The doctors and Surgeons are are highly qualified, most of them from prestigious foreign universities. Hospitals are equipped with most advanced medical technologies, which include Robotic Surgery and Da Vinci Surgical system and detection equipments.Government has actively supported Medical tourism, to support these steps have brought down the cost of orthopedic implants, making orthopedic surgery more affordable in India. For leisure travel, India is among the most desired destinations, with rich and unique landscapes, like a bouquet all in one. 


Medical tourism is safe decision for any person seeking for treatments abroad. It requires only prior homework of best available options, second opinion from doctors and the a medical assistant.


Below is the Chart Replacement Cost  of Knee Replacement Cost around the World.


The prices mentioned are variable. FInal treatment costs depends upon condition of the patient, preferred city for treatment, preferred hospital and other factors.


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