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Key to Weight Loss - Bariatric Treatments in India

Bariatric treatment

Key to Weight loss


Jennifer, aged 22, is suffering from being overweight. Being 249 pounds, she is under constant pressure to appear fit among her peer group, but even after rounds of the gym, dancing class and going extreme dieting, her weight is still a huge challenge for her.


This is not the life of Jennifer only, but the majority of kids, teens, and adults in developed, also rapidly developing countries are facing. Obesity is now becoming a major health issue which leads to various health degradation conditions, many of which are life-threatening. But a news published in JAMA, led by Christopher D Gardner, Director of Nutrition Studies at the Stanford Prevention Research Centre, states that people who cut back on added sugar, refined grains, and highly processed foods while concentrating on eating plenty of vegetables and whole foods - without worrying about calories counting, leads to significant amount of weight loss. People involved in the process of losing weight often restrict themselves in calorie limited diets. There is a need of new approach towards weight loss with diet. JAMA puts lights towards that approach. 


But many people still find it difficult to curb on their food habits or people who are on the stage where operative procedures are necessary for weight loss, then for such weight loss treatment, Medical tourism in India is the best option. India provides the best Bariatric/ Obesity treatment at the most affordable cost, with best health infrastructure and best doctors in the world. The cost for Bariatric treatment in India is less than 90 % from any developed country. Things that make bariatric treatment in India is attractive is its cost, easy availability of doctors, which is difficult in developed countries, transparent between the patient, doctors, and hospitals. For population from developed countries, currency exchange gives them a huge benefit as Indian Rupee is far cheaper than US Dollar, which reduces the cost to a huge extent for Obesity treatment in India. 


Bariatric treatment in India is made comfortable, hassle-free and affordable by medcureindia. Medcureindia is a health consultant which focuses upon transparency, best assistance to international patients and cost affordability along with top quality treatment to the patients. Bariatric treatment in India provided by medcureindia, for Gastric Sleeve surgery starting from USD 5300, Gastric Banding Surgery starting from USD 5000 and Laparoscopic Biliopancreatic Diversion starting from USD 6000. Also, medical tourism in India is not restricted to treatments, but also India is among the most traveled destination for foreign tourists. Choosing medical tourism in India creates multiple benefits of tour and treatment for international patients seeking Bariatric treatment in India.


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