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How Autologous Fat Transfer Surgery changed my life

autologous fat transfer surgery in

“My whole facial appearance has changed now,  I look beautiful and feel more confident, these are the words of Ammena Baig, Aged 32.She is from Dhaka, Bangladesh, opted for cosmetic surgery in India. Precisely for Autologous Fat Transfer surgery and her personality changed entirely.


The visible changes in my face are quite evident and the Autologous Fat Transfer surgery is safe and uncomplicated, devoid of any alien materials which can create health complications in the future.My autologous fat transfer surgery performed by experienced the doctor and allied medical staff. The hospital were my surgery took place was very clean and hygienic. My journey to Nagpur was eased by medcureindia and has pleasure experience in this facial transformation. The team of medcureindia assisted in every possible way, from pre arrival medical consultation about the surgery, direct consultations with the specialised cosmetic surgeon - Dr Shailesh Nisal and his team who greatly helped me in understanding the surgical procedure along with its benefits, complications and outcomes. Assistance of medcureindia in Medical Visa and Med X Visa made visa procedure smooth and hassle free.



My stay in Nagpur was arranged by medcureindia in a hotel which was very comfortable, convenient and within my budget with proximity near the hospital that eased my travel post treatment. After my departure to home country, I consulted medcureindia, they have assisted me in every possible way”.



Some basic details on Autologous Fat Transfer surgery


The whole concept of cosmetic surgery is to achieve a symmetrical perfect look which is  defined as beautiful, young and attractive, gained by altering or eliminating those bodily features which are a hindrance in present shape or structure.Currently, derma fillers has swept the cosmetic surgery market,though none of these soft tissue augmentation products are approved by FDA. Derma fillers of both ranges, temporary and permanent are within non approved augmentation products which many times leads to complications ranging from minor (bruises) and complicated (blindness, air bubble, or blood clot known as embolisms). 



What is Autologous Fat Transfer surgery ? 


Autologous Fat Transfer surgery also known as AFT or lipofilling or fat grafting is a cosmetic procedure technique which excels in soft tissue contour deformities and volume deficits in any body part. Being a minimally invasive approach, it is widely used in face cosmetic surgical procedures. It allows minimum titration and application of ones own body fat making it one of the safest minimal invasive cosmetic surgery. 



 Autologous Fat Transfer surgery is application for ?



Complication of Autologous Fat Transfer surgery ? 


  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Necrosis
  • Calcification


India is a prime destination for most affordable and best cosmetic surgery treatments.

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