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Best non surgical Skin Rejuvenation Treatments to appear 15 years Younger

best non surgical skin treatments


Youthfulness is an attraction that has drawns humans since centuries, The madness to look young and stall the time of the skin to remain young and beautiful has been pursued is alike by ancient Kings, Queens, Pharahs. Tsars, Lords till modern age actors and common. To achieve this path to remain always young, people have tried every available natural plant, animal, organic and inorganic materials, chemicals, machines and tools. With advent of cosmetic surgeries, younger appearance is now a solution which has surpassed all the previous attempts and delivered results in favour. But everything comes at a price and after effects. Cosmetic surgeries are costly and have side effects which can be disastrous and completely alter the outcome.


Now it is not compulsory to go under the knife for younger skin. Skin treatments have gained considerable non invasive techniques which helps to retain the skin suppleness, glow, beautiful complexion and youthfulness without any surgical methods. The best part about these non invasive skin treatments is that they are affordable, negligible chances for side effects, less time consuming procedures and results retain for longer time frame.


Cosmetic surgeons use a variety of skin rejuvenation techniques depending upon the skin type, treatment required.Below is the lists to learn more about the options : - 


  • Laser Skin Resurfacing.
  • Microdermabrasion.
  • Dermabrasion.
  • Chemicals Peels.
  • Microneedling.


Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment : - 


In this procedure, highly concentrated light energy is the main catalysts which is passed through lasers bringing improvement in skin tone, texture and appearance. Usually there are two types of Laser Skin resurfacing options are available : - 


  • Ablative Laser : - These lasers are for upper part of the skin. This procedure removes the upper layer of skin which is sun tanned, wrinkled, damaged due to various outdoor activities and lacks luster. These lasers peels out the upper skin and encourage new skin to grow which is younger, supple and fresh. Ablative laser technique is recommended by cosmetic surgeons depending upon the skin and takes minimal downtime for results.
  • Non Ablative Laser : - This  resurfacing treatment directly impacts upon the skin below without peeling the upper layer. The laser heats up the surface below the skin which promotes collagen growth resulting into firmness and natural skin tone of the skin.


How laser resurfacing improve the skin : - 


  • Removes or minimise the wrinkles.
  • Bring more balanced skin tone by removal of tan.
  • Collagen production encourages skin tightening.
  • Helps in removal of acne and surgical scars.
  • Removes unwanted facial and body hair.


The results of Skin Resurfacing are not immediate. They take around 3 - 4 weeks to heal and supplement growth of new skin,collagen production and overcoming the after effects of the treatments like redness of the skin due to skin peel and heating below the skin.These after effects takes 1 - 2 weeks to subside after which  the result of new skin begin to take place. 

Chemical Peel : - 

Chemical Peel is among the most simple among the non invasive skin rejuvenation treatments. Performed on the upper layer of skin, during this procedure, a chemical peel is applied on the face , nose and neck. Once brushed or swapped, it is left for a certain period of time.After few days of the treatment, skin will gradually peel away leaving behind refreshed and glowing skin.

Chemical peels can be done depending upon the treatment required. Usually peels are done on the basis on Light and Deeper chemical peels.  Light Chemical peels are done on “Epidermis” or called the upper layer of skin and use milder chemical solutions such as glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, fruit enzymes or low concentration of trichloroacetic acid. 

Deeper chemical peels are more advanced and targeted towards serious skin tan, scar removals and deeper wrinkles. Deeper peels works on lower skin also called “Dermis”. In some cases, anesthesia is applied on the skin to keep the patient comfortable. Deeper peels are usually  by the cosmetic surgeons or under strict guidance by a trained professional.


How will Chemical Peel improve the Skin 


  • Smooths the skin after wrinkle removal.
  • Glows the skin.
  • Tighten and brighten the skin.
  • Removes keratosis and precancerous growth.
  • Even the coloration of skin.


Microdermabrasion : - 


This skin rejuvenation procedure is among those treatments which includes mechanical exfoliation, i.e use of machines or medical devices. In microdermabrasion, epidermis is shed off through a peeler and later reveals smoother, healthier and younger looking skin. During the procedure, the first function of the microdermabrasion machine is to exfoliates the epidermis. Once the dead skin is peeled off, second function starts with vacuuming off the dead skin. Once the skin is cleared off the dead cells and older skin, new skin reappears which is more supply, young and beautiful.This procedure can be used on face, neck and other body parts and have little or no side effects. Microdermabrasion can be used for all skin types.


How will Mircodermabrasnion will improve the skin


  • Removal of dead cells results to new gentle, smoother and healthier skin.
  • Brights up the skin tone.
  • Make your skin appear healthy.
  • Reduce scars or remove mild scars.


Dermabrasion : - 


Dermabrasion is one step ahead of microdermabrasion. An advanced level skin peeling machine is used during dermabrasion procedure. Skin is exfoliated on the face which requires the treatment. Dermabrasion works on deeper layer of skin hence it is not recommended for every skin type. Before the beginning of the procedure, anesthesia is applied on the face to comfort the patient. Once the purpose of dermabrasion is completed, resultant skin is fresh and raw, and precautions are required to be followed which entails not exposing to the sun and dust. Within a few days the skin grows which is tight, healthy and younger.


How Dermabrasion will improve my skin 


  • Peels of old skin and bring up fresh skin.
  • Removes deep wrinkles and facial lines.
  • Scar removal.


Microneedling : -


Microneedling is altogether a different skin rejuvenation treatment from dermabrasion and microdermabrasion. Though a mechanical instrument is used in microneedling, it uses the natural “ healing” process to bring positive changes on the skin. Usually used on face, the microneedling machine has many fine needles which penetrated the skin and creates injuries, through these injuries are not visible to naked eyes, the skin responds and healing procedure beings prompting the skin to produce collagen and elastin to regenerate new healthy skin.


Which skin problems can use microneedling 


  • Large pores.
  • Winkles.
  • Facial fine lines.
  • Scars.
  • Sun damage, hyperpigmentation.
  • Rough patches.



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