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8 amazing benefits from Bariatric Surgery besides Weight Loss you did not know

8 amazing benefits from Bariatric Surgery besides

The modern world is now facing a health crisis associated with obesity where more than a billlion people are over weight and millions are obese.Obesity being a “developed country”health concern,  is now penetrating Asia and Arab peninsula with rising economic standards coupled with gadgetized ecosystem and changing dietry habits. The reason obesity is considered a health concern is because it leads to many health issues which are life threatening if not mitigated early.


Bariatric surgery is one of the best options for people seeking weight loss who have failed to reduce weight with exercises and controlled diets.There are types of Bariatric surgery, like gastric bypass,sleeve gastrectomy,gastric banding and gastric plication.Weight loss surgery, also known as Bariatric surgery has additional benefits other than weight loss which are important to understand and many of us not aware of those ideal benefits.


1) High energy levels : - 


With Bariatric surgery body reduces a lot of weight as calorie imbalance is corrected through limiting the size of stomach and drastic change in food intake.With weight loss, physical movement becomes pretty easy,increased in agility and less consumption of energy for small movements.Bariatric surgery benefits helps in improving overall life.

2) Freedom from Diabetes Mellitus -  Type 2 Diabetes : - 


Overweight body is more prone to get affected by type 2 diabetes. Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery benefits in remission from diabetes mellitus as obesity is the major cause of diabetes mellitus. It has been observed that people who opted for Bariatric surgery experienced improvement in type 2 diabetes remission.


3 ) Better social dynamics : - 


It’s human nature to get attracted to best physical features and give extra priority to those who are physically attractive. Our brain is naturally wired to release a chemical called “dopamine”which stimulates the brain,triggering happiness and humans starts reacting in pleasurable way.  With weight loss surgery, you achieve a much deserving body, which is more beautiful,attractive and pleasing. People who have undergone bariatric surgery have witnessed improved social dynamics around them as people share their compliments for changed appearance and are more welcoming. 


4) Improved cardiovascular health : - 


With more body weight, heart has to pump extra blood and work more than an average human heart.The fatigue and tiredness levels are considerably boosted after weight loss surgery as heart has much less pressure to pump blood for similar physical task. Also,  obesity run the risk of increased blood pressure and dangerous cholesterol levels which leads to coronary heart diseases. Weight loss with bariatric surgery hugely cuts down the risks for blood pressure and heart attack leading to improved mortality.

5) Enhanced Productivity : - 


Obesity takes fatigue, tiredness, stress and hypertension to much higher levels at which it directly affects the human productivity, both personally and professionally. People who are overweight to obese standards have restricted physical movements resulting in direct loss of work productivity and higher stress, low focus along with early tiredness. Bariatric surgery has a direct impact on improving work productivity as fatigueness and tiredness get reduced to a vast extent improving energy levels along with reduction in hypertension and stress. 


6 ) Overcoming Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)  : -


Sleep apnea is a condition when during sleep breathing stops and starts automatically. Most common type of sleep apnea is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). In OSA, the throat muscles relax which obstruct the air vent muscle during sleep blocking the air for breathing and oxygen supply is maintained through mouth which causes loud snoring. With weight loss, there is enough space for air vent muscle to relax and eliminates the OSA. 


7 ) Reduced Joint pain and Osteoarthritis : - 


Knees and joints are the main carrier of whole body weight and work as a pillars of body structure. In human body weight index, upper body consists of 61 % of whole body weight, and with excessive upper body weight, knees and joints suffer from extra burden, which in the long term leads to early joint pains and knee replacement outcomes. Bariatric surgery reduces total body weight and bring huge relief to knees and joints of our body.



# 8) Raised quality of life : - 


Obese people has to face many challenges in daily life which only obese person can understand and resolve. From clothing sizes to adjusting in uncomfortable public transport seats and ever reducing airline seats,constant food cravings, early tiredness and restricted physical movements putting off many things out of boundary. With weight loss surgery, lean physical structure is achieved, leaving many challenges behind and improved quality of life.



Bariatric surgery is one of the most sought medical treatment by foreigners in India.International patients from developed countries arrive in India for medical tourism in high numbers for weight loss surgeries as India has best hospitals for bariatric surgery and best surgeons who perform weight loss surgery. 

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