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4 best exercises for Bow Leg treatment

bow leg treatment

Bow leg also known as Genu Varum is a medical condition which creates leg deformity in the children. The structure of legs appear circling out, increase of gap between the knees when standing together while in normal conditions legs are straight in the same position. Bow leg generally affects toddlers aged 1 - 2 years and majority of patients diagnosed are children. As time progresses, the condition increases and bones takes the shape permanently. Now a days, bow leg is not a permanent medical condition and can be treated surgically and non surgically, though surgical intervention depends upon the case to case basis.



Reasons to cause Bow Legs ?



Bow leg starts in childhood with certain conditions that leads to its occurrence. Abnormal bone development is being the primary one. 



  • Blount’s Disease : - A medical condition in toddlers and sometimes in adolescents. Basically, blount’s disease is a growth disorder of the tibia, the growth plate in the upper part of the shinbone. Tibia helps decide the length and shape of the adult bone.
  • Rickets : - Deficiency in calcium or Vitamin D, which is required for the growth of healthy, strong bones,leading to softening and weakness of bones. Rickets are rare in developed countries as availability of food and nutrition. 
  • Physiological Genu Varum : - In children till the age of 2 years, legs are curled with outward structure, with time, the legs takes natural formity as bones starts taking natural shape. 

Exercises of Bow Leg treatment 



Pilates :-


Named after its creator Joseph Pilates, invented in the year 1920. As per Pilates, his invented exercise works on “Contrology”, i.e, control of your body parts with human assistance and help of few basic equipments.It consists of low impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance. Pilates helps in achieving perfect posture and tone the muscles gradually leading to the correction in bow leg.

Massage : - 


Massage therapy has always been used for muscle relaxation, increasing blood flow, reducing stress and pain reduction. Massages are an inseparable part of any sports person fitness curriculum to maintain their levels of high performance. Massage of bow legs will help in getting the bones in shape, though massage can be used as a corrective measure for bow leg in children, as toddler bones have not taken shape and are flexible to alter their movement.



Stretching : - 


Stretching is one of the best methods to adjust your body to levels to which it is not accustomed off. Stretching gives muscles the ability to enhance its capabilities and strengths with increasing endurance. Along with massage, stretching is obligatory in sports person physical fitness sessions. With stretching, leg muscles and bones get flexible and attain shape, though slowly. It also leads to posture correction while walking in bow leg.



Leg strengthening exercise : - 


Leg strengthening exercise are helpful in gaining muscle strength and endurance. With sessions of stretching and massage, leg strength exercises can yield better results for bow leg. Some of the leg strengthening exercises can be done on home like squats, jump squats and leg curls, wall sit exercise, step up exercise. Leg strengthening exercise focus towards reducing pain in joints and ligaments with help to cure the bow leg. These exercises must be done with an empty stomach and early morning is preferred.



Food for Bow leg 


Vitamin D : - 


Vitamin D deficiency is the main reason for bow leg. Consuming foods which are rich in Vitamin D ( eggs , fatty fish, cheese, soy milk, cereals, beef liver etc) and supplements. Sun is the best source of Vitamin D.


Bow leg treatment can be done also treated surgically called High Tibial Osteotomy. The bow leg surgery is performed by an orthopedic surgeon. India has best orthopedic hospitals for bow leg treatment at most affordable cost. Best hospitals in India for orthopedic surgery have global standards and JCI accreditations. 

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