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A Natural Philosophy

By Dr. Anthony Horowitz on 2019-07-26 02:29:08

It’s an old truism and one that we live by here at The Natural Doctor. In fact, our entire philosophy is built on the core belief that many of the health challenges that face people in our fast-moving, modern world could be avoided if we all just slowed down long enough to think about how we manage our own wellbeing.

In essence, we are a living organism made up of billions of parts. We’re remarkable in every way and when you stop to consider and acknowledge just how remarkable we are, you begin to realise that the billions of parts that make us who we are also represent a billion opportunities for something to stop working as it should.

And as we age, so those opportunities and risks multiply. It’s no coincidence, after all, that people in later life are, statistically speaking, less healthy than those who are younger. It’s a natural matter of simple biology. Organisms decay as they age. Functions become less efficient. Things stop working efficiently. We become more susceptible.

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