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Korean Thread Lifting Procedure

By Dr. Ayesha Faizan - Consultant Dermatologist & Aesthetician on 2020-06-03 22:16:16


Are you depressed because of your declining beauty? Do you look older as compared to your counter parts? If, yes, then you don’t have to worry as your natural beauty can be easily restored through the Korean thread lifting procedure.


So, today in this blog, I would be covering about how you can reverse your age through Korean thread lifting procedure.

So, let’s dive in :-

What is Korean thread lifting?

Korean thread lifting is a revolutionary technique and treatment that has been brought up by Korean plastic surgeons in the recent years. In this procedure, different kinds of thread is put into the skin through long needles such that the skin is lifted to a certain level.


This helps in achieving a tightened and firmed skin and perhaps a great improvement in skin tone as well. The thread is made up using PDO and thus after a period of time, it can be easily absorbed and dissolved in the skin.

Why you should opt for Korean thread lifting procedure?

There are numerous reasons why you should opt for Korean thread lifting procedure. Some of them has been mentioned below:-

  • The Korean thread lifting procedure is quite simple and quick to execute.
  • The results that is obtained through this procedure is quite long lasting.
  • With Korean thread lifting, you would get lifting and firming benefits. Besides this, the skin tone also gets improved.
  • The threads that are used in this technique is equipped with vitamin C and thus it can help out in wound recovery and healing.
  • With the following technique, you would also get a slimming effect. Hence, you would get a V shaped face with a defined jaw line.

What are the common areas where the thread lifting technique can be performed?

Some of the common areas where the thread lifting technique can be performed are :-

  • Face: Threading can be applied on the face in order to combat the forehead lines, lift the cheeks and eye brows as well as to smooth the nasolabial folds and under-eye areas. Besides this, it can slim down the jawline as well as help to alter the nose appearance.
  • Neck: Korean thread lifting can soften the neck lines as well as help to slim down the muscle such that the Linebacker Neck look is decreased. Besides this, it can also slim down the arms as well as help to improve the bat wings appearance.
  • Nose : Korean thread lifting can be effectively used to elevate and straighten the nasal bridge. Furthermore, it is also used to narrow down the nose width as well as to lift the nose tip.

How Korean thread lifting is performed?

To start off, the application area is numbed using local anaesthetic such that the procedure becomes comfortable. All the needles as well as threads that I use are imported from Korea and thus patients get top quality treatment.


Further, the threads are inserted into the skin using a needle. The structure, size, width and length of the thread solely depends on the outcome as well as the target area.


Once the threads are inserted, then it helps to lift the skin and at the same time ties up the skin. Finally, the excess thread is removed.


Besides this, we also combine botulinum toxin and Korean thread lifting procedure in order to maximize the results for anti-aging problems.


Botulinum toxin comes quite handy to relax the muscles which over a period of time can become quite tense. On the other hand, with Korean thread lifting, different parts of the body such as face, neck and nose can be lifted and toned.

How long does the Korean thread lifting procedure last?

The Korean thread lifting procedure takes about 25-30 minutes. Further, another 15-20 minutes is used for the numbing medication. The threads last about 5-6 months under the skin.

What are the possible side effects of the thread lifting procedure?

The Korean thread lifting procedure is indeed quite safe and without much of a complication. Also, the side effects associated with it is not too much harsh.

Some of the side effects that comes with the procedure are bruising, pain, swelling etc.

Hence, the patients won’t have to worry at all as it is quite a safe method.

What is the age group for which the Korean thread lifting procedure can be applicable?

  • The Korean thread lifting procedure is done for the aging skin which starts from late 20’s till 60’s.
  • For the young patients, we combine micro Botox alongside the Korean thread lifting procedure such that a defined jaw line and V-shaped face is achieved.


The result for the Korean thread lifting can easily last for 2-3 years. Besides this, it also depends on the kind of metabolism that you have. So, just in case your metabolism is slower, then the result can last for a longer span of time and vice versa in the opposite case.  It is also a one day procedure with no stich removal and downtime.


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