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Traveling to a new country like India for undergoing medical treatments, can be stressful, to say the least, especially if you have never been there before. With no idea about the new country, it can be difficult to find the best hospitals or best doctors that have the expertise in dealing with the medical treatment which you are seeking. Luckily, there is medcureindia to help you out and make the entire process as simple for you as possible. We offer end to end services for your medical treatments in India. From helping with your visa applications, treatment and hospital selection to your arrival, accommodation, and departure arrangements, we are always there to help you at every step of the way. We plan a hassle-free medical itinerary for you and ensure that there are no potential complications at all. Go through our range of services to get a better idea about how medcureindia can help you in your medical travel journey.

  • Pre-arrival Services

    To minimize the difficulties of overseas patients, medcureindia offers a range of pre-arrival services which ensure that the patient’s treatment plan is ready well in advance. This, in turn, ends up saving your precious time and cost once you land in the country.

    1. Sending the patient’s medical reports to various concerned specialist doctors and hospitals.
    2. Receiving and forwarding the doctors’ assessment reports for the ailment and treatment estimates to the patients.
    3. Assisting the patient in deciding the best hospital for the treatment which is effective and affordable at the same time
    4. Assisting the patient throughout in the paperwork required for obtaining medical visa and treatment according to the laws of the involved countries
    5. Making the patient fully aware of the entire treatment process including the required days of stay at the hospital and follow-up treatment map to aid better planning
    6. Arranging the transportation, accommodation, time of treatment and itinerary based on the patient’s preferences and convenience

    We help the patient find the right accommodation near the hospital. We also arrange for local transportation facilities.

  • Visa Services

    As one of the reputed medical visa service providers in India, medcureindia is aware of all the formal procedures and requirements which helps us assist you in a better way. Our visa services include:

    1. Guiding about the medical visa documentation requirements.
    2. Helping the patient in filling up visa applications.
    3. Assisting with visa interview preparations
    4. Assisting the patient in collection and submission of the forms and documents based on the country’s guidelines
    5. Helping arrange the fit to travel certificate

    We help the patient find the right accommodation near the hospital. We also arrange for local transportation facilities.

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  • Post-arrival ​Hospitalization And Treatment Assistance.

    After the patient’s successful arrival in India, many things need to be handled before the medical treatment begins. That’s why we ensure all our medical tourists are provided with an effective post-arrival and hospitalization assistance. Our post-arrival services include:

    1. Receiving the patient and attendants at the airport.
    2. Dropping them to their chosen accommodation or hospital.
    3. Fixing the consultation appointment with the doctor.
    4. Providing an interpreter if needed to smoothly carry out the tests and consultations without any language barrier.
    5. Visiting the patient and attendants frequently to make sure they have everything they need
    6. Keeping the referral doctor in the loop about the treatment progress.
    7. Post-treatment and departure assistance.

    medcureindia believes in providing end-to-end assistance to patients which is why our responsibility doesn’t end with the successful completion of the treatment. We also provide post-treatment and departure assistance​, including:

    1. Helping the patient get discharge after the treatment
    2. Assisting the patient and attendants in bill settlements at the hospital and accommodating them at a hotel
    3. Helping with all the paperwork necessary for a hassle-free departure
    4. Arranging transportation to the airport

    With all these services, medcureindia aims to make the entire medical tour a pleasant and stress-free experience for the patient as well as their attendants. Connect with us if you are planning to get medical treatments in India.

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Founded to assist in medical tourism of international patients anywhere around the world,in best hospitals across the globe with most affordable cost.Medical tourism in India has been restricted to services for treatment, but with a lost of human touch, restricted number of hospitals,higher treatment cost provided by medical tourism companies and lack of post operative care.

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