World's largest Brain Tumour Removal - Neurosurgery treatment in India

BYL Nair Hospital in Mumbai, India has conducted a successful operation of brain tumour, weighting 1.8 kgs, claiming to be world’s largest till date. Santlal Pal, aged 31, resident of UP state in India, was suffering from brain tumour since four years and the size of tumour appeared as a second head.

Dr. Turmurti Nadkarni of BYL Nair Hospital, head of Neurosurgery had to look for literatures around the world and claiming its the largest to be excised successfully.  Neurosurgery treatments in India are among the best in the world, with top quality doctors, hospital infrastructure and best available resources to get the successful treatment done. Neurosurgery in India is performed by many top hospitals across the country. Due to availability of best Neurosurgeon in India, cost of neurosurgery treatment in india is very low, less than 70 % of treatment cost compared with any developed country. Neurosurgery treatment in India is wide ranging, catering to all neurological related illness. Deep brain Stimulation, surgery of Skull base, operating brain tumour are few examples.

Medical tourism in India for neurosurgery treatment in India is easily accessible to every international patient across the globe due to relaxed Medical Visa policy, Indian government focus to improve medical tourism in India, along with growing healthcare infrastructure and capabilities. Post operative care is also a edge of medical tourism in India. Along with lowest cost of neurosurgery treatment in India.

Medcureindia is a platform through which International patients can seek neurosurgery treatments in India, at most affordable cost. Medcureindia is  a healthcare consultant based in Nagpur, India. Nagpur is city having best hospital infrastructure along with world wide connectivity, best hotels and relatively cheap cost compared to major metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta and Chennai. English is spoken widely which makes it most favoured destination for medical tourism in India. 

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