Ayush fuels growth to medical tourism in India

India has ancient medication system which totally focussed on revving medical ecosystem of the patient. AYUSH( Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy), is launched by Indian government which is based upon Indigenous medicine system. Many international patients, specially from the developed countries have significantly contributed towards medical tourism growth based upon AYUSH. AYUSH is the one of a only system in the world, providing significant advantage to India on global medical tourism business.

Yoga contributes maximum towards healthcare business growth in AYUSH.Yoga has caught serious attention of the world as UN has declared 21 June as Yoga day, giving Yoga a global advertisement and India a only hub to learn the true and traditional yoga. Ayurveda has also caught attention as ancient medical science, which has treatment options totally based upon natural extracts, doesn’t create super bug as allopathy. Though Ayurveda did not gain attraction as Yoga. 

India has also witnessed major economic reforms recently such as Demonetisation and biggest indirect tax reform - the GST. Still the medical tourism business in India is attractive as global healthcare destination.Experts believe that India is poised to become  the hub of medical tourism with growth of $ 8 billion till 2020 and GST has a very important role in this particular growth as it increases the chances of decreasing insurance cost, pharmaceuticals and ravel with compromise on healthcare services quality. Cost is the major advantage to India in global medical tourism business as total healthcare packages including flights, medical visa, stay cost and treatment cost is around three tenth rate as compared to any developed country.Sanjay Agarwal, Medical Director of Hinduja Hospital, said that with the integration of surplus talent, technology, tourist attraction, trade and tradition, India is a potential place to promote itself as a premier global healthcare destination and enable streamlined medical services.He said that among the medical procedures preferred by foreign patients in Indian hospitals are minimally invasive surgery and Ayurvedic treatment, which is part of Ayush. Currently Bangladesh and Afghanistan are major contributors towards medical tourism business with 34 % share. 

Indian government is taking medical tourism business seriously and promoting this sector in its Make in India initiative though creating medical infrastructure, high tech medical equipment manufacturing in India which will reduce the cost of wide range of treatments. But still a long way has to go, with improving the total healthcare system, huge investments in new R&D which will trigger innovation in new drugs, which could compete against arising global pendemics and that too at a cost which the most poor can afford.


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