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Medcureindia assists patients living in any part of the world to get quality and affordable 
medical treatments in India. We tie up with hospitals that have trusted international and 
national accreditations so that you can be assured to get the best treatment at most 
affordable cost. From initial consultations to visa assistance, finalizing the hospital, 
accommodation and post-surgery care, medcureindia handles everything so that you can have a 
comforting time in India while you recover.


To Provide best medical treatment to each patient from around the world with most affordable cost.


To establish new and superior standards in medical tourism along with creating sustainable relationship based upon trust, transparency and prosperous health.

Medical Tourism in India

India is ranked among the world’s top 3 medical tourism destinations. While 2016 saw India play host to more than 200,000 foreign patients, this number is growing by 35-40% every year. Moreover, India’s medical tourism industry is estimated to reach $6 billion in 2018.

Factors Contributing Medical Tourism

Affordable cost​

Compared to countries like the United Kingdom or the United States, India offers best-in-class medical treatments at affordable costs that allow patients to save up to 70-80% of their money.

Prompt treatment

One of the reasons why patients avoid traveling abroad for medical treatments is the long waiting list. But in India, foreign patients experience almost zero waiting time as their cases are most often considered as a priority.

High-quality care​

India has a large number of multi-specialty hospitals. All these hospitals and healthcare centres score high on the availability of expert doctor panel, superior quality treatments, and patient safety. Most of these hospitals also possess recognised accreditations, such as JCI and NABH, which make their healthcare services even more reliable.

Easy availability of visa

Rules for obtaining a medical visa to India have been made easier. Patients can obtain such visas with a year’s validity and can also apply for extensions if the need arises. On top of that, patients from select countries can avail visa-on-arrival for medical treatments for a period of 30 days.

Many patients end up choosing India for treatments related to heart diseases, joint 
replacements, kidney disorders, cancer, IVF, plastic surgery and organ transplantation. 
Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad are the most frequented Indian cities by 
foreign patients. With access to advanced medical facilities and ever-improving quality 
standards coupled with low treatment costs and traveling opportunities, medical tourism in 
India is expected to cross $7-8 billion mark in the next couple of years.

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Our Medical Treatments


Neurology is the branch of medicine which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the brain including the spinal cord and nervous system.

Chest and Pulmonary Treatments

Also known as pulmonology, chest and pulmonary is considered as an internal medicine branch that aligns with emergency and intensive care of the lungs, respiratory system, and sleep disorders. It helps millions of people fight complex chest infections and respiratory diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, emphysema, and tuberculosis through medication, surgery, mechanical ventilation, pulmonary rehabilitation, and life support.

Eye / Ophthalmology Treatments

People across the world suffer from different types of eye diseases including refractive errors, glaucoma, cataract and dry eyes. While some of these ailments can be treated with prescribed glasses, contact lenses, medication and eye drops; others require surgery. Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment related to diseases of the eyes and visual system are known as ophthalmology.


Nephrology / Kidney

Nephrology offers a variety of treatments for different kinds of kidney problems including infections, kidney stones, abnormalities in urine, kidney failure, and cancer. Also, diseases that lead to kidney problems such as diabetes, as well as the diseases that occur due to kidney ailments like hypertension, come under nephrology. The treatment includes medication, diet and lifestyle modifications, and surgical procedures.


With unhealthy food intake and lifestyle changes, people across the world have fallen prey to obesity, which further leads to other medical issues like diabetes and heart diseases. That’s where bariatrics offers solutions in terms of different types of weight loss surgeries - gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy, and duodenal switch. In other words, the branch of medicine that deals with causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of obesity is called Bariatrics.

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Founded to assist in medical tourism of international patients anywhere around the world,in best hospitals across the globe with most affordable cost.Medical tourism in India has been restricted to services for treatment, but with a lost of human touch, restricted number of hospitals,higher treatment cost provided by medical tourism companies and lack of post operative care.

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